Clun Castle Information

Within a previous blog post I described Clun Castle as one of the many castles built by the Normans along the Welsh Marches.

Even though Clun Castle is a Grade 1 listed building, the castle and grounds are free to enter under the management of English Heritage who have provided several information boards located at various points around and within the castle ruins.

These boards offer more detailed information as shown in the example below.

Clun Castle Information - A Border Fortress

Clun Castle Information – A Border Fortress


This board shows an artists impression of Clun Castle as it was thought to look in 1300.

The excerpt below from the information board offers a concise outline of the role of these castles:

After the Norman Conquest in 1066, the border between Wales and England remained an unsettled area. William the Conqueror granted lands here to his followers to defend the border. These men became powerful marcher lords, ruling their lands independently of royal control.

The image below is an aerial view of Clun Castle ruins and the surrounding area.

Aerial View of Clun Castle © Historic England Archive

Aerial View of Clun Castle © Historic England Archive


The image Aerial View of Clun Castle shown above is used with the kind permission of Historic England Archive whose copyright in the image is fully acknowledged. The image may not be used or reproduced without the permission of Historic England Archive who are the public body that looks after England’s historic environment. Historic England champion and protect historic places, helping people understand, value and care for them.

Watching More Birds

We have a few apples trees in our garden and at this time of year share some of the wind falls with the wildlife.

Most mornings when I open the curtains there are several birds feeding on the apples. I peaked out the other Morning to watch the the Fieldfares along with a bird I haven’t seen for a year or two, Blackcaps.




I first spotted the male bird with his black cap and found the female up in the birch tree. The females have chestnut brown caps but otherwise look like the male.

The birds that add a bit of brightness on these dull days are the Bullfinches. The male really adds some colour with their pink waist coat and although the females have a taupe coloured waistcoat the white flash of their bottoms always makes me look for them. We only seem to have a pair, my parents have seven visiting their garden near Oswestry.

I was pleased to see we have a pair of Nuthatches visiting. I often see them singularly but the other day a pair landed in the field maple by the stream when I was returning from walking the dogs.

The wind falls are also a favourite of Dillie (border terrier number two).




The photograph of the Blackcap above was taken by Tony Hisgett and uploaded by Magnus Manske and is reproduced under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) licence.

The photograph of the Nuthatch above was uploaded by and is reproduced under the Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) licence.

Tuffins, Our Local Supermarket

I am frequently asked about local amenities in Craven Arms. Over the next few months I will tell you what is available but we will start with Tuffins Supermarket.

Tuffins is our local supermarket and is within half a mile of Folly View. You may consider walking down to do your shopping or you may need take your car and you can fill up with petrol while there.

Tuffins Supermarket

Tuffins Supermarket


It is owned by a family that lives in Craven Arms hinterland. They sell some local produce as well as contributing to local causes.

All the store cupboard essentials are available. There is a fruit and vegetable section where they also stock fresh herbs and bagged salads. The alcohol area has been revamped and has a good selection of local beers and ciders.

Tuffins has recently started holding a selection of frozen ready meals called Remarkable. Most of these are ready to put in the oven, you may choose to put some vegetables with them. We recently used them on holiday and thought them very good. They are more expensive than normal ready meals but they are cheaper than going out for a meal. They also have a selection of deserts, although the everyday freezer department does a very good choice of ice creams.

There is a pet food department where they provide frozen dog food by Nature’s Menu as well as their tinned food.

The best area in Tuffins has to be the Pound Aisles. All sorts of wonderful things can be found here, from every day items to gifts and one offs. Always worth a look.

I never go in without checking their offers and Tuffins always provides an experience. Happy exploring.