Land of Lost Content Web Site

Our friends at the Land of Lost Content museum have a new Web site which showcases this must-see attraction in Craven Arms. The Land of Lost Content is an independent museum containing: The museum – the result of a lifetime’s work by Stella Mitchell – has been running since 1991 and is now in it’s […]

Sightings on the Onny Meadows

While walking Hettie (Border Terrier) we saw a Goosander on the River Onny. I have been informed it was a female as it had a brown head and grey body, the males have almost white bodies. I saw a Goosander on the Onny Meadows last Winter as well but did not see a male one […]

Valentines Ale Massacre

  Ludlow Brewing Company this year has its Beer Festival on the 17th, 18th and 19th February. It is usually the nearest weekend to to Valentines Day, hence being called the Valentines Ale Massacre. There are lots of beers to try, all of which will be on tap. There will be live music on Friday […]

The Land Of Lost Content

  Did you know we have a museum in Craven Arms? The Land of Lost Content is a museum of British Popular Culture in the 20th Century. There are displays on the Post Office, the Second World War, Sweets and many, many more. There is so much to see that you will need to go […]


The green shoots of Snowdrops are popping up out of the ground. In a few weeks they will be nodding their creamy white heads in the breeze and hopefully sunshine. There is something magical about the first Snowdrops especially after these damp dark days of winter. Snowdrops are not native wild flowers, they are native […]

Wall’s Butchers

  Walls butchers have been trading in Craven Arms for fifty years. They specialise in traditional breeds and pride themselves on the traceability of their meats. Their belief is that rare breeds meat gives the customer a truer ¬†flavour and texture. There is a wide range of rare breeds available of pork, beef and lamb. […]

The Dog Hangs Well

  The Dog Hangs Well is a Parlour Pub in Corve Street Ludlow. It is open three nights a week, check the light outside, if it is on it will be open. In the good tradition of a Parlour Pub The Dog Hangs Well is a home first and foremost. It is also a publishing […]

Dull Days with Hints of Colour

  There have been lots of dull days with the odd bright day to give us hope that Spring is on its way. Walking on the Onny Meadows I was looking for fresh green shoots that hint at Spring but found myself looking at zings of colour that are there if you look more closely […]