Shropshire Oktoberfest 2017

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There is a new edition to the festival calendar in Shropshire – Shropshire Oktoberfest 2017.

The festival is being held on the 6th – 8th October 2017 in Quarry Park, Shrewsbury.

Shropshire Oktoberfest 2017 Poster

The ingredients of this new festival include:

  • Ale – over 150 real ales from brewers across the SIBA Wales and West region
  • Lager – if you prefer lager to real ale then visit the Wye Valley Lager Bar which will be serving local lagers from across the region
  • Cider and Perry – a range of producers will be serving apple and pear juice, applesecco, cider and perry
  • Gin and Rum – a gin tent offering a Tasting Theatre and cocktails, and a Rum Shack
  • Comedy Club – featuring some international acts
  • Music – including Oompah bands and other Shropshire talent
  • Street Food – alongside a Farmer’s Market

Shropshire Oktoberfest 2017 Map

Tickets are on sale now!

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Ludlow Festivals 2018

Ludlow was famously described by John Betjeman as:

the loveliest town in England

Some people say that Ludlow is the foodiest town in England, and one of Ludlow’s claim to fame is that the first food festival in the UK was held here in 1996 and has been held annually since.

Nowadays Ludlow is home to a range of festivals and this post provides some dates in 2018 for your diary.


Ludlow Spring Festival 2018

Billed as Like a Beer Festival but Better, this event is held in and around Ludlow Castle. and at various Ludlow streets and the market square. You can find more information at the dedicated Ludlow Spring Festival Web site.


Ludlow MagnaLonga 2018

The Magnalonga is a food and drink walk of between 8 – 10 miles which starts and finishes just outside Ludlow.

You can find more information at the dedicated Ludlow Magnalonga Web site.


Ludlow Food Festival 2018

The Ludlow Food Festival will celebrate it’s 24th year in 2018. The festival typically features real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches. Many of the more than 180 local food and drink suppliers offer samples and tastings at the main festival venue Ludlow Castle.

You can find more information at the dedicated Ludlow Food Festival Web site.

Image copyright Ludlow Food Festival.

Clun Valley Beer Festival 2017

The Clun Valley Beer Festival 2017 takes place on Friday 6th October and Saturday 7th October 2017 when all the pubs in the Clun Valley join in. Transport is provided between the pubs.

Clun Valley Beer Festival 2017

The Clun Valley pubs that are participating include:

Some pubs lay on food and entertainment for the festival. This year the Kangaroo Inn features live music from the Riverman Blues Band.

There is a Web address for the beer festival:

but please note that this redirects to a Facebook page:

Map of the Clun Valley

Map of the Clun Valley


Map image of the Clun Valley taken from OpenStreetMap

A New Boiler

A New Boiler at Folly View Let

Two images - boiler and radiator

A new Worcester Boiler has been installed in Folly View Let.

The old boiler was nursed by Jon through a few teething problems but eventually settled to working well. If it hadn’t been for Jon I think it would have been replaced a lot sooner, within the first couple of years after installing.

So to the customers who this Summer also took on nursing duties, due to leaky radiators, you won’t have to in future.

We have a shiny efficient boiler with constant hot water and a thermostat which is super controllable.

Thanks to all those people who have been patient while we sorted out the old boiler and more recently while we worked out the thermostat control on the new boiler.

Cornish Boilers

Cornish Boilers

The image at the top of this blog post is taken from a book called “American homes and gardens published” in 1905 via flickr and there are no known copyright restrictions.

The image directly above of the Cornish Boilers is from the Powerhouse Museum Collection via flickr and there are no known copyright restrictions.


One of the benefits of staying at Folly View Let is the proximity to wildlife. I have told you about the birds we see in the garden and we will soon be putting out bird food on a regular basis.

However, we thought you would like to hear about our guest who had a surprise when closing her curtains at 10.30pm one evening during her stay.

They were just getting ready for bed and were in the process of drawing the curtains when a badger ambled down under the green gage tree.

Photograph of a badger

A young Eurasian Badger (Meles Meles)

She ran into the other bedroom to tell her friend but unfortunately it had gone by then.

She was very excited still the next morning.

It also explains why our Dillie Dog appears to us to be barking for no reason.

Unfortunately the badgers wandering into our garden will be short lived as we are having the fencing changed soon.

We have known that badgers were about for some time as we had a bee nest in an old tree stump dug out a few years ago and we also have seen their excavations in the drive.

So keep quite and watch and you may see a badger too.

The photograph in this blog post is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence.

Ginger and Spice Festival 2017

Market Drayton, the “Home of Gingerbread”, introduces a new festival – the Ginger and Spice Festival 2017 – celebrating culinary links to the ancient spice route.

Ginger & Spice Festival Banner

Market Drayton is a market town in north Shropshire and the birthplace of Robert Clive, the first Lord Clive also known as “Clive of India”.

Market Drayton claims to be the “Home of Gingerbread” and a new festival, the U.K.’s first Ginger & Spice Festival, aims to celebrate culinary links to the ancient spice route. The festival takes place in Market Drayton and the surrounding area from Wednesday 27th through Saturday 30th September 2017.

Ginger and Spice from the Ginger and Spice Festival 2017

Festival highlights include:

  • the “Spice Exchange” street market and street food party
  • live music
  • cookery demonstrations
  • the Pickles Spice Trail
  • gingerbread competitions

You can find more details at the Ginger & Spice Festival Web site.

Ginger & Spice Festival 2017 Market Drayton

Mortimer Forest Autumn Foraging Course

Jews Ear Fungi

Want to learn more about which Mushrooms and Fungi are edible?

Wild Food UK are organising identification days in Mortimer Forest:

  • 16th September 2017
  • 13th October 2017
  • 21st October 2017

Mortimer Forest is a mixed woodland and this lends itself to being able find a wide variety of fungi for identification.

The walk will be about 2.5 hours long with with a chance to taste what is found at the end.

Only enough fungi will be picked for tasting at the end.

Advance booking only from Wild Food UK on 01584 711646, tickets are £47.50.

Ludlow Cycling Festival

Ludlow Cycling Festival Logo

Ludlow Cycling Festival is on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the Ludlow Rugby Club.

They are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

There are five bike rides for different abilities and styles starting at staggered times from the Rugby Club.

There will be activities at the Ludlow Rugby Club through out the day.
Isle Bikes will have demo bikes.

Pearce Bikes will be running a Turbo Trainer Challenge, are you up to it? There are prizes.

There will be all the things you expect at a Fun Day, Bouncy Castles, Climbing Walls etc.

There will be Children’s Bike Races.

And all things bike.

Michaelmas Fair

Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair is on the 23rd September from midday until late.

Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair

Bishop’s Castle Michaelmas Fair

There are three processions to enjoy. The Steam Engine and Vintage Vehicle processions are at 12.30pm and 5pm. Fuzz Townshend will be doing the commentary for the procession and I am sure there will be a chance to meet this cool guy from Car SOS. There is a Lantern Procession is at 7.45pm.

There is a Street Fair and Market.

Live music, theatre and dance.

Exhibitions to enjoy.

There are Save the Bee events.

There will be dragons around. You can save them as well if you like!

There is something for everyone and for £5 it seems good value to me.

Hung Gar Chinese Dragon Dancers

Hung Gar Chinese Dragon Dancers

The images in this blog post are used with the kind permission of John Lucas Bishop’s Castle Michaelmas Fair.

Ludlow Food Festival 2017

The Ludlow Food Festival is the UK’s first ever Food Festival and celebrates it’s 23rd year in 2017 starting on Friday 8th September and lasting through Sunday 10th September.

Ludlow Food Festival

Ludlow Food Festival

The festival features real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches. Many of the more than 180 local food and drink suppliers offer samples and tastings at the main festival venue Ludlow Castle.

The Festival objective is to celebrate the quality and diversity of the superb independent food and drink producers and suppliers across Shropshire, Ludlow and the Marches.

There are also many food-related events including:

  • the famous Ludlow Sausage trail
  • the Ale trail
  • the Gorilla trail

You can find more information about these trails at the Ludlow Food Festival Web site here.

The Festival also features a series of hands-on Masterclasses where you can try your hand at:

  • making your own sushi
  • preparing a Thai Green Curry
  • Pork Pie making

The image at the top of this blog post is copyright Ludlow Food Festival.