Ludlow Food Centre

Ludlow Food Centre

Ludlow Food Centre was set up and built by Plymouth Estates in 2007.

It has become a great place to shop, not every day but for treats it is great.

Ludlow food centre is open 9am until 5.30 pm everyday except Sunday when they open at 10am and close at 5pm.

There are fresh fruits and vegetables, along with biscuits, sauces, sweets and ready meals.

80% of their produce comes from Shropshire or the surrounding counties.

There are eight kitchens on either side of the main shopping area where you can watch produce such as bread and preserves being made..

Upstairs there is a retail area where you can pick up great gifts to take home.

They have expanded and developed and now have other retail outlets on site as well.

Ludlow Kitchen is great for lunch or for just coffee and cake.

The Ludlow Plant Centre is lovely. There are plenty of plants to choose from as well as gifts and a lovely selection of cards. Well worth visiting.

Islabikes sell bikes and lots of others things to do with bikes I don’t understand.

Find out more about Ludlow Food Centre at their Web site.

An information board at the Ludlow Food Centre

An information board at the Ludlow Food Centre