Cleaning at Folly View

I thought it might be a good time to tell you about cleaning at Folly View.

This is not going to be the most exciting blog but with Covid-19 being such a concern I wanted to reassure our customers.

The first things we do are strip the beds and hoover.

When we wash the linen I always put a couple of drops of tea tree oil in the wash and I do all washing at temperatures of forty degrees or over.  For those who don’t know tea tree oil has anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Bed linen is all ironed.

The bathroom is cleaned from top to bottom. The tiles above the bath are washed down and rinsed with hot water.

The kitchen at Folly View is the area that takes the longest time to do as we re wash all the cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils. The fridge is striped out and washed, the cupboards wiped down and cooker cleaned.

The floors are then washed with hot water.

I damp dust using hot water with washing liquid and tea tree oil and lemongrass oil. Lemongrass oil has deodourising properties.

As well as wiping all the flat surfaces, I clearly inside the drawers, tops of the wardrobes, doors, door frames etc.

We also clean the light switches and plugs, door handles and cupboard handles.

Finally we hoover again and clean windows, if the weather allows this also includes outside. Then we are ready to welcome the next guests arriving at Folly View.

If we have guests leaving and arriving on the same day this takes most of the time available. I am grateful when guests leave early and or strip the beds, it really helps.

I hope it helps to know what we do for your stay.

Updates at Folly View 2020

I briefly let you know about our updates at Folly View each year.

The main thing we have had to do this year is get new bed frames. They came from a company called Get Laid Beds. I refused to look at this website to start with as I thought it might be something naughty. We had only planned to update the double bed but ended up changing all three. They are very strongly made and they took some putting together. We hope you agree that they look great.

We have also had the carpets cleaned, apart from a bit of fading by the patio door, and they look lovely again. We found a local family company based in Telford, they were brilliant.

Because of all the wet weather over the Autumn and Winter the front door has been sticking. Having let it dry out it has still been sticking and I have sanded the frame until it doesn’t need slamming. It needs a couple of tweeks and the wood needs treating but nearly done.

I have sanded down the window frames and painted and oiled the patio door. The front door of Folly View has been sanded and painted and I put the door furniture back on last night.

I have acquired some new chairs which I am in the process of sanding, as they look a bit battered. So be patient, you may have chairs that don’t quite match for a while.

I have had to buy some new toys for our younger visitors to Folly View as some of the toys suffered some damage.

In the bathroom we have sorted out the sealant round the bath and bath panel has finally been sorted out and now stays where it should.

Every year I  scrub and treat the wooden garden furniture. I have taken the decision to not carry on using wood stain on the fencing. I scrub it every year and the blue is coming off. I decided it was a waste of my time painting the fencing because it would need doing again a month later.

I am sure you will find these changing make Folly View more comfortable for your stay.



We hope that all of our lovely customers, those who have stayed previously and those yet to stay with us, are keeping safe well.

Covid-19 is not something any of us had thought would happen and hope that you, like us, are following Government advice. As one of our customers said to me that her family had told her that for once in her life she should do as she was told.

We are not sure how long this situation of not being able to move round the country will last and as soon as we can we will be taking bookings.

We will review the bookings we have when we here more from the Government.

Have a lovely Easter

Merinda and Lyndon