Spring 2021 Has Sprung


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Spring 2021 Has Sprung

Spring 2021 Has sprung here in Shropshire.

We had a wonderful displays of snowdrops in February, a Spring precursor.

We now have beautiful daffodils blooming everywhere. The banks at the road sides have clumps of pale yellow primroses.

Hazel trees are beginning to lose their catkins but if you look closely you will see their tiny red flowers are out.

The catkins on the Alder’s have turned brown from their winter purple. Blossom is beginning to cover the cherry trees and the pale green buds on shrubs and trees look ready to burst open any time now.

Birds busy flitting back and forth with twigs, dry grass, bits of fluff and bits of moss building their nests ready for clutches of eggs.

The fields are filling with bright white lambs on match stick legs, running behind their fleece dams (mums).

I am looking out for all these signs when walking now that Spring 2021 has sprung here in Shropshire.

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