Covid Time Spring Gardening


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Covid Time Spring Gardening

Covid Time gardening has not been different to the usual gardening but I have got a couple of jobs that didn’t get done last year.

We have had a couple of trees down from the back of the house. One birch and an ash. The ash keys (seeds) get everywhere much as I love the trees. And we had a couple of leyllandi down which were beginning to die.

We spent a week sorting out piles of brash and logs, in fact we still are. Some of the brash we have left in piles round the garden for wildlife. I do try to keep tidy piles of brash.

I have been coppicing hazel from by the steam. It has got very leggy and I particularly wanted to let light in round the maple and for the hollies. It got neglected last year, so this year I want to get as much done as possible.

The other job I didn’t get done last Spring was splitting and replanting the snowdrops. I have split three very large clumps and transplanted them round the garden. I also moved a clump which was in the way of our path to our compost bins. A clump of daffodils which were no longer flowering because of being so congested have finally been divided and spread round the garden. I have one more clump to move.

I am gardening in a way that provided more habitats for wildlife. And I am trying not to fight nature.

I have trimmed the hedges and piled up the cutting to provide places for insects to live.

With this cold dry Spring I have not yet put my potatoes in. I haven’t finished digging over the beds they will go in.

There is still lots to do, I have some weeding to get on with and cutting back of shrubs and herbs.

Gardening is never finished.

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