Covid Time Food Shopping


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Covid Time Food Shopping

A more mundane Covid Time blog, the weekly shop.

We try to share it. Lately I have been doing most of the weekly shopping with Lyndon doing his a share when he has a week off work. That means he is still here, working from home!

I shop once week at Tuffins. It is pretty good for most things. I have found a couple of places to get fresh eggs from while out walking. I don’t do so every week but feel I am supporting more local businesses by doing so.

Once a month I buy meat from one of the butchers and (real excitement) I go to Aldi in Ludlow. I may go to the bank and Holland and Barrett as well if I need to.

I spend a lot of time on these outings sanitizing my hands. On the way into shops, on the way out, in the car, when I get home and once all the shopping is put away.

It will be lovely to go to the market in Ludlow or Shrewsbury or to the Ludlow Food Centre to get some shopping but I am happy that I get most things I want from Tuffins in Craven Arms and Aldi Ludlow.

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