Covid Time Letter Writing


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Covid Time Letter Writing

I have started writing letters again during Covid Time. I occasionally write letters but have not done so for years on a regular basis.

I have a friend back in Suffolk who I haven’t seen for a few years. We have always kept loosely in touch but over Christmas have started writing letters to each other on a more regular basis.

There is something enjoyable about the process of writing.

I have different ways of writing. Some lettered are written over several days being added to as things either happen or occur to me. I also like writing a letter in one sitting, when I have a quiet moment all to myself.

I find I always have something to write about.

Writing gives my brain the chance to explore things while I am not directly thinking about them as well, which leads to more creativity.

Receiving a letter is lovely. We get so much advertising, flyers and bills coming through the letter box but getting a letter is exciting.

I find a quite moment when I can sit with a coffee and enjoy the process of reading my friends news.

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