Roe Deer Sightings


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Roe Deer Sightings

Lyndon, working upstairs, saw an animal coming down the field at the back of our house. This is not unusual as people walk their dogs through this field, although there is no footpath.

Initially he couldn’t work out what it was, then realised it was a Deer. It then disappeared, sometime later he saw it walking back up the field.

He wondered after if he had seen a Roe Deer or Muntjac deer.

Now a couple of weeks later.

Dillie was barking, then I heard a strange cry. I checked the dogs, and Dillie had her puzzled look on her face.

As I walked back up the garden a movement in the field caught my eye. A deer was running away from me.

It was definitely a Roe Deer. It was too large to be a Muntjac and too skittish. It also had a narrower rear end and longer neck.

We have never seen a deer in the fields next to us before.

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