Dead or Dry Hedges


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Dead or Dry Hedges

Walking round the Onny Meadows you will notice some piles of brash, some of which is used as a barrier. They are referred to as Dead or Dry Hedges.

This is a good way of using the brash accumulated from cutting down hedges or trees.

These dead or dry hedges have benefits for wildlife protecting small mammals and birds from wind and rain and provide coverage for insects. There is one dry hedge where I have seen a wren flying in and out, I think it must have a nest in there.

They also offer protection from predators.

They will gradually rot down and in this way help create new ecosystems, in the process providing food for invertebrates.

At home we have always had piles of brash for wildlife but these dead hedges are a bit more organised way of using it.

It is preferable to burning it or having to cart it all off site to be disposed of.

So if you were wondering about these heaps of wood, now you know.


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