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We’re Good To Go

We’re Good To Go is going to continue until the end of March 2022. In Covid Times it has been good to feel we are supported with this assurance for you, our customer. We always have prided ourselves on our cleanliness. Door

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Covid Time Mending

I  recently discovered ‘visible mending’ in Covid Time. I knew about mending and have in the past darned socks. Some of you may know about ‘visible mending’. Most of you will know about the ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle. I was

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Covid Time Letter Writing

I have started writing letters again during Covid Time. I occasionally write letters but have not done so for years on a regular basis. I have a friend back in Suffolk who I haven’t seen for a few years. We have always

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Covid Time Knitting

Covid Time has given me the opportunity to explore and experiments with my knitting. I love knitting and find it relaxing and challenging. There is always something new to learn. My Covid Time Knitting has resulted in two cardigans, a short sleeved

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Covid Time Television Binge Watching

Before Covid Time I used to think binge watching something on television was not for me. But what a revelation. We binge watched all of Line of Duty, we came to it late. Watching it all in one go, we were able

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Covid Time Blog Following

Blogs may bore you. I have friends who prefer Pod Casts but I do prefer the written word. My blog following habit revolve around, you guessed it, knitting, oh and mending. Kate Davies is a knitwear designer from Scotland. She produces beautiful

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Covid Time Walks

As we can only walk locally during Covid Times I have explored a few different  walks to take the dogs on. We all love walking Halford Meadows and Onny Meadows, with all their lovely sniffs (the dogs) and views of the hills

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Covid Times

We hope everyone of our customers are keeping well during Covid Times. Here at Folly View we are both looking forward to having our Covid Vaccinations later this week. It seems silly to get excited about going to have a vaccination but

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