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Swallows on Halford Meadow

Walking on Halford Meadow we did not realised the acrobatic flying display we were going to see. They swooped low, just a foot off the ground, whizzing between the mega hay bales. The insects they feed on must be flying just above

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Covid Time Walks

As we can only walk locally during Covid Times I have explored a few different  walks to take the dogs on. We all love walking Halford Meadows and Onny Meadows, with all their lovely sniffs (the dogs) and views of the hills

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Little Egret

There has been one Little Egret around for three or four years. While walking the dogs on Halford Meadow along the river bank we disturbed three Little Egrets. I thought I had seen two earlier in the year but wasn’t sure as

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Bird Life From Folly View

I thought you might like to know how the local bird life is getting on in Craven Arms. We have lots of busy sparrows. The sparrows who reside in the swift box are still there and are presently feeding youngsters. The swift

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