The verdant green countryside of South Shropshire in Spring

In Spring the landscape here in South Shropshire turns a bright verdant green.

Looking out of the window on this rainy day there is still the verdant green of Spring but there are darker greens and lighter greens and lots of greens inbetween.

The leaves of our vine look bright against the willow behind it.

Yew trees often found in church yards are a dark sombre green.

My damson tree looks a dark green today.

When you start looking closely a lawn is lots of different greens as are all the trees and shrubs and leaves of flowers and vegetables.

Artist Georgia O’Keefe said:

Nobody sees a flower, really, we haven’t the time and to see takes time…

I have taken this saying out of context, it always makes me think and look.

See the greens!

Burwarton Show

The Burwarton Show is on on the 3rd of August at the Show Ground Burwarton Bridgnorth.

The Burwarton Show is in its 125th year and encompasses an Agricultural Show, a Country Show and Horse Show all in one.

There will be plenty to watch in the Main Arena from Tug o War, Shetland Grand National, Show Jumping, Heavy Horses, Grand Parade of Livestock and a Parade of Vintage Tractors.

Burwarton Show Animals

Did you know commercial tractors, that is one to be used in small fields, have been manufactured for a hundred years this year.

There are Craft, Horticulture and W.I. marquees and Trade stands to explore.

Tickets are £15 in advance and feel good knowing that charitable grants are made each year. This year Oak Farm, which helps people with learning differences, and the Young Farmers Annual Show, plus two students were gifted monies.

The images used in this blog post are with kind permission of Mary Williams, Chairman, Burwarton Show and are copyright Burwarton Show.

Burwarton Show People

Ludlow Tweed Ride

Tweed Run Woman

The Tweed Cycling Club was set up by Jack Thurston and in the 1990s in the North Of England several vintage attired clubs emerged and held rides.

From these, Tweed Runs/Rides evolved and the first Tweed Run was held in 2009 in London. These are held annually now.

Tweed Runs appear to be annual bike rides while Tweed Rides are usually monthly.

The Idea is that you wear vintage clothing, ideally tweeds that would have been part of the vintage cyclists attire, and a vintage bike. Then you go on a bike ride.

I presume there are no bike computers, no steamy whatever they are gears and definitely no lycra. Well not on view!

“Tweed Rides are minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance…..” I found this quote on and thought it summed it all up.

You don’t need to have a vintage bike or a wardrobe full of vintage clothes or tweeds.

It is appreciated if you make an effort and wear old cycling type clothing and vintage bikes are encouraged but attitude, a nod to vintage clothing and a willingness to have fun are what it is about.

Ludlow Tweed Ride happens once a month. They meet in the Castle Square at 2pm and then go for a bike ride of about 8miles. I am sure tea and cake are involved somewhere.

Next ride:-
August 5th 2017
September 2nd 2017
October 7th 2017
No ride in November
December 25th starting at 10am, there will be mince pie when you finish.

For more information about the Ludlow Tweed Ride contact them on

The image used in this blog post is from Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Farmhouse Blues

A guitarist in action at the Farmhouse Blues Festival in South Shropshire

Farmhouse Blues is a Blues music festival, organised by the South Shropshire Blues Club, at Wheathill Court Farm, Bridgnorth, WV16 6QT.

Farmhouse Blues Logo 2017

Farmhouse Blues Logo 2017

On the 5th August, starting at 2pm, this one day festival is becoming an established part of the Summer scene in South Shropshire.

South Shropshire Blues Club Logo

South Shropshire Blues Club Logo

On the side of the stunningly beautiful Brown Clee, between Ludlow and Bridgnorth, enjoy a line up of international blues bands and some of our local talent, including The Damned and the Dirty, Blue Moon and the Big Wolf Band.

The tickets are £20 each including parking and camping, what a good deal, contact

Enjoy hot, cold and alcoholic drinks from the bar. There will be a couple of foods stalls providing sustenance for all that dancing you will be doing.

Farmhouse Blues raises money for Cancer Research UK and to fund innovating treatment for Rupert’s Revenge.

South Shropshire Blues Events

South Shropshire Blues Events

Images in this post are copyright of and used with the kind permission of South Shropshire Blues Club.

The Great British Weather

A macro photograph of grass

Last night Lyndon said he hoped the hot weather would last so he didn’t have to cut the grass so often.

I pointed out it was going to rain today and it would encourage the grass to grow again.

And later in the week it is meant to turn hot again, so he has no chance of the grass slowing down its growing rate.

Also if like us you grow a few veg the rain is very much needed to keep them growing.

It is a shame for our guest this week, although I am sure she will find plenty to do. These are just a few of the local attractions close to Folly View Let:

The image at the top of this post was found on Wikimedia and has been released into the public domain by its author, Andrew McMillan.

British Stone Skimming Championships

Stone Skimming

Who hasn’t had a go at skimming stones on a river or lake?

The British Stone Skimming Championships are at Walcot Hall Lake, Lydbury North, SY7 8AZ, again this year on Sunday July 16th from noon until 5pm.

There will be various stone related events going on. Have ago at:

  • Stone the Crows
  • Piling Stones
  • Stepping Stones
  • and No Stone Unturned

Entry to the field is free. There is a fee of £3 for a set of four Skimming Stones. All other events are £1 or 50pence.

Bring along a picnic.

Stone Skimming Rules

The stone must skim at least three times and stay within the marked lane. It will be judged on distance. Any stone leaving the lane will be judged at the point it leaves the lane. The judges decision is final.

The image at the top of this post was found in Wikimedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.