Covid Time Blog Following

Blogs may bore you. I have friends who prefer Pod Casts which I do need to try but I do prefer the written word.

My blog following habit revolve around, you guessed it, knitting, oh and mending.

Kate Davies is a knitwear designer from Scotland. She produces beautiful knitting patterns, knitting books and knitting. Her husband Tom produces some lovely photographs too go with these. She also writes very interesting blogs. I am still going through her back catalogue.

I found out about Flora Collingswood Norris through Kate’s blog. She produces knitwear and has a mending service for knitwear. She does workshops on mending and also does online tutorials and sells darning wool, some of which I have bought and is lovely.

Although he is not doing blogs presently, I found a site for Tom of Holland who is also a mender, knitter and spinner. I have also found a way to do Steeks which seem much more sensible to me, on his site. I am trawling through his back catalogue as well.

Through Kate I also found Osborne Fibres. Rebecca knits, quilts, weaves and spins, juggles children, crafts, cooks and is a Reverend. Where does she find the time.

One blog that isn’t about knitting is Orkney living. Anna and Mark moved to Orkney a few years ago having fallen in love with the place while holidaying there. They love it and talk about life there. I have to add Anna and Mark are friends of mine and I have in the past worked for them to. Mark also saved my dissertation when our computer crashed while I was right in the middle of writing it. Anna put me on one of hers so I could start again, in case it was irretrievably, it was retrievable. This was back in Suffolk.

My blogging habit has expanded to gardeners.  herinfiantevariety is a blogger who lives in the Outer Hebrides and produces stories of her garden, her exploits in the kitchen and musings about life in general.

Another blog from Orkney is five in the nest again about gardening, crafting, living on a small island and bring up children.

I dip in and out of Tommy from Fair Isle, who was featured on Ben Fogles programme about lives in the Wild.

I have definite topics in my blog following, gardening, crafting and living in beautiful isolated places.

Knitting and Crafting

Three balls of wool on a wooden chair

In recent months we have had several customers who have come with their knitting or crafting projects.

I am a knitter and crocheter myself and thought it would be good to share some of my favourite Wool Shops.

There are two wool shops in Church Stretton:

  • Yarn in the Hills at 2 Burway Road, SY6 6DL which has a wide selection of yarns, books and sundries
  • There is also Coco Alpacas at 9 High Street. They have a lovely range of gifts, specialist yarns, and accessories

The image at the top of this blog post is courtesy of Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

The image below is courtesy of Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Ribbons on Cotton Reels