On Sunday morning Lyndon opened the bedroom curtains to see a family of Bullfinchs feeding on the greengages Mum and Dad and four fledgling.

This is Mr and Mrs Bullfinch’s second brood.

A photograph of a Bullfinch eating a seed

The swifts have gone for the Summer. I saw one solitary swift last Friday night, it is very unusual to see just one.

Our belligerent Sparrows have finally quietened down, I lost track of how many broods they had.

Yesterday I was looking out the window into the green gage tree a family of Blue Tits were feeding on the fruit. We are happy to share.

Last night we had our Bubble friend over for tea, it was her birthday, a baby when flew in, then flew upstairs. We searched upstairs but couldn’t find it, the Windows were open wide so assume it flew out.

August is quiet for birds they go through their moult but I thought you would like to hear about our recent encounters with the local birdlife at Folly View.

Bird life from Folly View

I thought you might like to know how the local bird life is getting on in Craven Arms.

We have lots of busy sparrows. The sparrows who reside in the swift box are still there and are presently feeding youngsters. The swift box has become two story as there is a nest top of it as well as inside.

We have a sparrow who is nesting in a robin box by our front Windows, or should that be between. Mr Sparrow bangs against the window constantly and occasionally brings back a feather or leaf for Mrs Sparrow!  We think they are now on their second brood. We had less window banging over the last two weeks but it has started again recently. The window is a mess, there is no point cleaning it until they have finished nesting.

When I was walking the dogs recently two sparrows were having a dust up. There were no other birds around, as we got nearer they flew into a  nearby shrub, still arguing, at which point ten other sparrows arrived and joined in. Our sparrows usually argue in the large ever green at the front of the house.

I have sat outside watching the aeriel display put on by swallows, housemartins and swifts. One of our friends found a swift on the ground and helped it by putting it up high.

I have been watching housemartins collecting mud on the Onny River along with the swallows  I have not seen where they are nesting but I haven’t been looking.

I saw the egret on Halford Meadows a couple of weeks ago. I have not seen it with a mate but it has been around for a couple of years. The grey wagtails and dippers are busy on the Onny, I have not seen the Kingfisher recently but that does not mean they are not there.

I heard a skylark on Onny Meadows earlier this week. I have not seen one down there for a long time. I don’t think it was nesting but it was lovely to hear it.

There will be more on Bird life in Craven Arms in the coming weeks.

More Bird Watching

The Fieldfares are still visiting our garden here at Folly View Let to feed on the windfall apples. I have counted up to eleven of them there at one time, along with their pals the blackbirds – and as you can tell I have been doing more bird watching.

I would have liked to photograph them but they are so jumpy, if I even turn my head slightly to look at another bird they are off. So I try to keep perfectly still and enjoy watching them while they are still here.

They will be flying back to their breeding grounds soon in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. By mid February will have flown and will not be back until Autumn.

There is plenty of bird life to look forward to. I love listening for the first Chiffchaff, watching for the first Swift who is one of latest Summer birds to arrive from overseas. The winter flocks of Goldfinches and Long-tailed Tits will disperse while they are breeding in the Summertime.

While they are here I will enjoy our Winter visitors a while longer.

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tit

The image above was taken by Magnus Manske and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.