Tuffins, Our Local Supermarket


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Tuffins, Our Local Supermarket

I am frequently asked about local amenities in Craven Arms. Over the next few months I will tell you what is available but we will start with Tuffins Supermarket.

Tuffins is our local supermarket and is within half a mile of Folly View. You may consider walking down to do your shopping or you may need take your car and you can fill up with petrol while there.

Tuffins Supermarket
Tuffins Supermarket


It is owned by a family that lives in Craven Arms hinterland. They sell some local produce as well as contributing to local causes.

All the store cupboard essentials are available. There is a fruit and vegetable section where they also stock fresh herbs and bagged salads. The alcohol area has been revamped and has a good selection of local beers and ciders.

Tuffins has recently started holding a selection of frozen ready meals called Remarkable. Most of these are ready to put in the oven, you may choose to put some vegetables with them. We recently used them on holiday and thought them very good. They are more expensive than normal ready meals but they are cheaper than going out for a meal. They also have a selection of deserts, although the everyday freezer department does a very good choice of ice creams.

There is a pet food department where they provide frozen dog food by Nature’s Menu as well as their tinned food.

The best area in Tuffins has to be the Pound Aisles. All sorts of wonderful things can be found here, from every day items to gifts and one offs. Always worth a look.

I never go in without checking their offers and Tuffins always provides an experience. Happy exploring.

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