Folk Down the Track December 2016

The Heart of Wales Line

The Heart of Wales Line

The December Folk Down the Track is on the 15th at the Castle Inn Knucklas.

The train times have changed. The train leaves Shrewsbury at 18:24 pm, it will arrive at Church Stretton at 18:42 pm.

It will leave Craven Arms at 18:54 pm arriving at Knucklas at 19:25 pm. Leaving to come home will be at 21:50 pm, some one kind will go round to let you know when to walk back up to the station.

Christmas hats are to be worn to make it a jolly trip down the Heart of Wales line.

Merry Christmas

Folk Down the Track

The Heart of Wales Line

The Heart of Wales Line

The Folk Down the Track takes the Heart of Wales line to the Castle Inn, Knucklas. Enjoy a train journey with beautiful views (in Summer) and real ale and live music. Trains to get there leave Shrewsbury at 18.25pm calling at Church Stretton, Craven Arms, Broome, Hopton Heath, Bucknell and.Knighton. Catch the train from Ludlow at 18.17 pm then change at Craven Arms.

The Castle Inn hosts the Folk Music session in three rooms showcasing local bands and singers with a ‘session’ anyone can join in. There is real ale handed out over peoples heads in jugs so you don’t have to keep returning to the bar. There is also food available at the Castle Inn.

The train back from Knucklas leaves at 21.50 but don’t worry you won’t miss it, a call will go up giving you time to finish your drink and head off up the hill to the station. Don’t expect a quiet journey home, song sheets will be handed out at the station and once the train is under way the sing along starts. You will know many of the songs but I can’t remember them presently.

Next trip for Folk Down the Track will be on October 20th 2016, with a pre-Christmas  session on December 15th 2016.