Covid Time Mending

I  recently discovered ‘visible mending’ in Covid Time. I knew about mending and have in the past darned socks.

Some of you may know about ‘visible mending’. Most of you will know about the ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle.

I was given a pair of socks as a present and they have worn at the heel over time. I have used bright colours and different techniques to darn them before they fall to pieces. I am pleased to be able to wear them again.

I recently mended a skirt and top both of which I caught on barbed wire. I patched and embroidered the holes, and blended the repairs in as I wasn’t brave enough to be really bold and make them stand out visibly.

I have repaired a jumper I knitted for Lyndon some years ago. The cuffs had frayed and there were holes under the arms. I darned the holes under their arms and crocheted the cuffs using a dark red four ply wool. It looks a lot better and I have learn from doing it.

I am not very good at darning but every time I have a go there is an improvement. There is something very satisfying in saving an item of clothing. It is also making me explore a skill I haven’t done for a long time, embroidery.

My next project will be mending a blanket. I use blankets as throws and Dillie likes to rearrange them for her comfort. She has left a hole in one of my favourites. I have found various blogs which describe darning and weaving repairs for blankets.

I have found mending very satisfying and I will carry on repairing our clothing.

Covid Time Blog Following

Blogs may bore you. I have friends who prefer Pod Casts but I do prefer the written word.

My blog following habit revolve around, you guessed it, knitting, oh and mending.

Kate Davies is a knitwear designer from Scotland. She produces beautiful knitting patterns, knitting books and knitting. Her husband Tom produces some lovely photographs too go with these. She also writes very interesting blogs. I am still going through her back catalogue.

I found out about Flora Collingswood Norris through Kate’s blog. She produces knitwear and has a mending service for knitwear. She does workshops on mending and also does online tutorials and sells darning wool, some of which I have bought and have used to repair clothes.

There are lots of other blogs I follow but these two are favourites of mine.