Field to Fork Festival 2018

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Field to Fork Festival 2018

Field to Fork is a new festival in 2018 and celebrates and explores the story of our food today and in the future. Field to Fork will be held at Harper Adams University just outside Newport, Shropshire on Saturday 28th April.

This free festival will give the whole family the opportunity for hands-on learning about everything relating to food, agriculture and the great outdoors. Field to Fork also features:

  • live music
  • animals
  • engineering
  • tractors
  • a Kid’s Zone
  • the Hands Free Hectare demonstrating the automated farming of the future
  • a Farmers Market featuring more than 80 producers of food and drink

You can find more information at the Field to Fork Web site.

Field to Fork April 28th 2018

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Ginger and Spice Festival 2017

Market Drayton, the “Home of Gingerbread”, introduces a new festival – the Ginger and Spice Festival 2017 – celebrating culinary links to the ancient spice route.

Ginger & Spice Festival Banner

Market Drayton is a market town in north Shropshire and the birthplace of Robert Clive, the first Lord Clive also known as “Clive of India”.

Market Drayton claims to be the “Home of Gingerbread” and a new festival, the U.K.’s first Ginger & Spice Festival, aims to celebrate culinary links to the ancient spice route. The festival takes place in Market Drayton and the surrounding area from Wednesday 27th through Saturday 30th September 2017.

Ginger and Spice from the Ginger and Spice Festival 2017

Festival highlights include:

  • the “Spice Exchange” street market and street food party
  • live music
  • cookery demonstrations
  • the Pickles Spice Trail
  • gingerbread competitions

You can find more details at the Ginger & Spice Festival Web site.

Ginger & Spice Festival 2017 Market Drayton