Ludlow Spring Festival 2019

The Ludlow Spring Festival is over the weekend of 11th and 12th May 2019.

Ludlow Spring Festival 2019

The Ludlow Spring Festival is staged in Ludlow Castle and there will be over 60 food producers and vendors to visit from Ludlow and the Welsh Marches.

On Sunday there will be another 40 producers and sellers at the Ludlow Spring Festival on the Sunday Market in the Ludlow town centre in the Market Place.

On Saturday the Ludlow Spring Festival is open from 10a.m. until 9pm and Sunday it is open from 10a.m. until 5pm.

The Ludlow Spring Festival give you a chance to hear lots of of free talks from food producers and I am sure lots of chances to sample local produce.

Ludlow Spring Festival has a Festival Pub which is in a large Marquee near the main entrance of Ludlow Castle. On Friday evening there is a Meet the Brewer event here when you can meet the Brewer of the beer voted the ‘best’. This is voted for in a closed event by SIBA, The Society Of Independant Brewers. There will be over 200 beers to try and live music. This event is from 5pm until 9pm and the entrance fee is £5.

There is a children’s activity area in the Castle grounds to keep little people happy throughout the day.

The 35th Marches Transport Festival will be on as well, with lots of vintage and classic vehicles to view.

Whether you enjoy wine, cheese, sweets, chocolates, meats or beers there will be plenty to explore sample and buy at Ludlow Spring Festival.

Ticket prices from £9 per adult Per booking.

The image at the top of this post is copyright Ludlow Spring Festival.


The verdant green countryside of South Shropshire in Spring

In Spring the landscape here in South Shropshire turns a bright verdant green.

Looking out of the window on this rainy day there is still the verdant green of Spring but there are darker greens and lighter greens and lots of greens inbetween.

The leaves of our vine look bright against the willow behind it.

Yew trees often found in church yards are a dark sombre green.

My damson tree looks a dark green today.

When you start looking closely a lawn is lots of different greens as are all the trees and shrubs and leaves of flowers and vegetables.

Artist Georgia O’Keefe said:

Nobody sees a flower, really, we haven’t the time and to see takes time…

I have taken this saying out of context, it always makes me think and look.

See the greens!

Clun Green Man Festival

Clun Green Man and May Queen

Clun Green Man and May Queen

The Clun Green Man Festival is on the 30th April and the 1st May 2017.

There is something for everyone, Morris Dancing, Mummer Plays, live music, craft fairs, duck races and lots more.

The Festival first took place in the thirteenth century and has been running in it present form since 2001. It is a community event run by the Clun community.

Sundays capers are free with a programme of events through out the day, and a Fair in the Square.

On Monday there is a £5 charge. The main events is at midday on the 500 year old Clun Bridge with the Green Man Battling the Ice Queen.

Go along a cheer on the Green Man. If the Ice Queen wins it is said Winter will stay on in the Clun Valley that Summer.

There is a Craft Fair on Castle Meadow with plenty of things to have a go at, food stalls and lots to spend your pennies on.

An enjoyable weekend for everyone.

The image of the Clun Green Man is taken from the Clun Green Man Festival Web site and is used with the kind permission of Jack Limond.

Spring has Sprung

A Chiffchaff - Latin name: Phylloscopus collybita

A Chiffchaff – Latin name: Phylloscopus collybita

The birds are gathering moss, dog fur and twigs for nest building.
The Chiffchaffs are chiff chaffing, chaff chiffing.
The Housemartins and Swallows have arrived and are flying around together.
The blossom is out on the fruit trees and the Wistreia has lots of buds ready to burst.
The Wood Anemones are flowering which means the full force of Bluebells is not far behind.
I’ve seen Comma, Small Toiseshell, Orange Tip Butterflies.
A huge White Tailed Bumble Bee has buzzed round my hall trying to find a way out.
A Queen Wasp came in the kitchen for a visit, thankfully it went straight back out.
The Sun is beginning to have some warmth in it, although there is still a nip in the air.
Hettie and Dillie are going and sitting on the grass enjoying sunning themselves.

The image of the Chiffchaff is from Wikimedia Commons and is included under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

Like a Beer Festival – But Better!


What combines 200 real ales, 60 passionate local food and drink producers with a mix of toe tapping live music and over 180 spectacular classic cars?


The Ludlow Spring Festival

The Ludlow Spring Festival 2017 is a combination of the 8th Ludlow Spring Festival and the 32nd Marches Transport Festival and takes place in the beautiful surrounds of Ludlow Castle and at various Ludlow streets and the market square..

The event typically also features:

  • Taste Workshops
  • Festival Sausage Trail
  • Festival Loaf Trail
  • Real Ale Trail
  • Pudding Tasting
  • Sunday Specialist Food Market

Over 150 small independent food and drink producers from the Marches will be present and offering samples and sales of hot and cold food along with demonstrations, talks and hands-on workshops.

There is also a “Festival Pub” where you can enjoy “Meet the Brewer” sessions where brewers from some of the regions brewers – Hobsons Brewery, Corvedale Brewery, Brecon Brewing, Wye Valley Brewery, Ludlow Brewing Company – will answer your questions and guide you through beer tastings.

You can find more information at the Ludlow Spring Festival Web site.

Snowdrops at Stanton Lacy

Back in February I wrote about Snowdrops and listed three locations in Shropshire where you could see some spectacular displays of Snowdrops.

The churchyard of St Peter’s church in Stanton Lacy features a carpet of Snowdrops that is well worth a visit.

Snowdrop Carpet at Stanton Lacy Churchyard

Snowdrop Carpet at Stanton Lacy Churchyard

Much of the vegetation in the churchyard is cut only twice a year in order to protect wildlife and plant species. This has allowed the spread of the snowdrops to become the carpet that now covers the churchyard. Later in the year the nettles that grow unchecked are important to caterpillars and therefore butterflies. The rough undergrowth also provides habitat and safe cover for hedgehogs.

Stanton Lacy is a small and pretty village located just 8 miles from Folly View let. The village has early Anglo-Saxon origins which can be traced back to before the Norman Conquest of 1066 and the subsequent granting of the manor to Roger de Lacy. The manor features in the Domesday Book of 1086.

The Church of St Peter Stanton Lacy is Saxon and dates to about 1050 although it is believed that there was probably a church in this site for 300 years before the 11th century.

The Spring sunlight offers the opportunity to capture some lovely light and shade on the Snowdrops.

Snowdrop Carpet - Light and Shade

Snowdrop Carpet – Light and Shade

Dull Days with Hints of Colour

Red Stems in Winter

Red Stems in Winter

There have been lots of dull days with the odd bright day to give us hope that Spring is on its way.

Walking on the Onny Meadows I was looking for fresh green shoots that hint at Spring but found myself looking at zings of colour that are there if you look more closely and stop thinking it all looks dull.

Bark Textures

Bark Textures

The clumps of grasses that have died of over winter have creams and yellows and although not hinting at Spring their colours add to contrasts and vibrancy when we do get some sunshine.

There are wonderful textures to find in the bark of different trees. Even on the same tree you find a multitude of different textures. The colours can also be stunning and some trees develop a green which comes from a lichen at this time of year.

The Hazel catkins have a fiery yellowy green, if you look very closely their tiny reddy brown flowers are putting in their appearance.

Hazel Catkins

Hazel Catkins


Alder Cones and Catkins

Alder Cones and Catkins


The Alders which you will find by the river, also have catkins. They are mauve in colour and contrast well with their nut brown cones.

I love brown, it is such a warm colour, the Burdock makes a stunning argument for it being a lovely colour. It is a colour I love to wear as it is so versatile as nature shows us.


The Witchhazel is beautiful, looks stunning on dull days with its creamy yellow flowers. I can see it from my living room window but it is much better to get outside and breath in its wonderful fragrance.

Witchhazel at Folly View Let

Witchhazel at Folly View Let

There are a few more pictures to look at below, most were taken on the Onny Meadows when I was walking Hettie (Border Terrier).




Teazles in the Onny Meadows

Teazles in the Onny Meadows