Things to Do in Clun

Clun used to be a thriving commercial centre but is now a town of tranquillity. This does not mean nothing happens there. It has the Clun Green Man Festival and the Clun Valley Beer Festival. The Scamble, Ramble Amble stops in Clun for lunch and the Arts Alive Sportive starts from there.

Things to Do in Clun included walks along the River Clun. Going up the bank to the Church and turning left just before the Church will take you to Waterloo Ford.

Waterloo Ford in Clun

Waterloo Ford in Clun

Clun is divided in two by the River Clun. The older part is to the South of the river around the Church and up the bank. The more modern Norman part is to the north of the river around the Castle.

The Norman Castle ruin is built on the site of a motte and Bailey.

Clun Castle can be reached from the car park by the river as well as through the town. With lovely views down the Clun Valley towards Newcastle on Clun.

Clun Information Board

Clun Information Board

The Mill known as The Malevolent Mill is not open to the public but is somewhere interesting to stay. It is occasionally open on Heritage Days. It still has all its milling equipment.

St George’s Church at the top of Church Street is a Norman Church. There are some lovely views from here over the newer part of the town of Clun. Look for John Osbornes grave stone in the graveyard.

Clun Museum is in the old Town Hall. It holds local artefacts including details of a proposed railway from Craven Arms to Newcastle on Clun. Entrance fee is 50pence, this has got to be good value. Open Tuesday from 2pm and Saturdays from 11a.m., closed for lunch.

Packhorse Bridge dates from 1450. It is largely unchanged. This is the site of the annual battle between the Clun Green Man and the May Frost Queen.

Clun Packhorse Bridge

Clun Packhorse Bridge

Trinity Hospital and Almshouses provide accommodation for older members of the community. Built in 1614 round two quadrangles the grounds and gardens are open to the public.

Local beers can be sampled at the White Horse and the Sun Inn. The Sun Inn was built in the 15th Century of cruck construction and is grade two listed.

Clun is well worth an explore. Look at the information board in the river side car park for other things to do in Clun.

Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre 2018

Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre 2018 is on the 24th and 25th November all day, at Ludlow Castle.

Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre

Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre

There will be all you would expect, jousting, Knights, Minstrels, Fair Maidens, Storytellers, Jesters, Dancers, Giants and Dragons.

There are two stages with performances all day. You can have a go at archery, sword fighting, and juggling.

There are over a hundred stalls selling medieval type gifts. I am sure there will be hog roasts and lots of punch available too.

Parking can be found at Ludlow Cricket Club, Burway Lane SY8 1DT, a ten minute walk from the Castle. They are raising money for Junior Cricket Development.

McConnell, (SY8 1JL) will be raising money for Joel’s Wish by providing parking. There are other car parks raising money for Shropshire Council. There is Park and Rides available too.

Why not go along and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Ludlow Medieval Christmas Fayre?

Things to Do in Much Wenlock

The next place to get a Things to Do treatment is Much Wenlock with this blog about Things to Do in Much Wenlock.

We hope you are enjoying these blogs and have good days doing some of the Things To Do suggested when you stay in Shropshire.

A photograph of two road names in Much Wenlock - The George Shut and the Mutton Shot.

The George Shut and The Mutton Shut in Much Wenlock

Much Wenlock is a lovely town to walk round. There are snigets and shuts, cobbles and holy wells to find. See if you can spot the old farm yards that were in the town centre, some were still in use as farm yards when I moved back to Shropshire in 2006.

Wenlock Priory was built on the site of St Milburga’s Abbey. Entrance is 10am until 6pm up until the end of September and is for £5.70 per adult.

Cloister Garden at Wenlock Priory

Cloister Garden at Wenlock Priory

Much Wenlock Museum is on the High Street opposite the Square. It tells the history of Wenlock and includes the story of Dr William Penny Brookes and the Olympic Games. Admission is free.

In the Summer months the Guildhall is open to the public on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday with free admission. On Saturdays there is a market underneath.

You can walk along part of the old Railway which ran between Much Wenloch and Craven Arms.

For the very energetic you could walk between the two along Wenlock Edge. I can say I have have done it from the Clock Tower in Much Wenlock Square to the Sheep Tracks Sculpture in Craven Arms.

Independent Bookshop Much Wenlock

Independent Bookshop Much Wenlock

There are independent shops to explore and plenty of cafes and pubs providing refreshments.

Much Wenlock gets forgotten because of Bridgnorth and Ironbridge nearby but I have found a few Things To Do and hope you pay it a visit.

The image of the cloister garden at Wenlock Priory is from Wikimedia Commons and was taken by Tony Grist who has released this work into the public domain.

The image of the independent bookshop in Much Wenlock is from Wikipedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Things to Do in Ludlow

This post is about Things to Do in Ludlow, and in this series of blogs I hope I am giving you ideas of things to do which are going to cost you pennies but also some that are free.


Ludlow Castle. Did you know it used to be the capital of Wales? There is lots for you to explore and learn and a lovely tearoom. There is also a gift shop which can be visited without having to enter the Castle. You will have to pay to look round the Castle.

Ludlow Museum is only a pound to visit it is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 4pm. There are a variety of platforms where you can learn about Ludlows social history and architecture. There are views from the Museum, which on the upper floor of the Buttermarket, down Broad Street, this alone makes that £1 worth it.

Ludlow Brewing Company is open daily from 10am until 5pm. There are tours at 3pm Monday to Friday and at 2pm on Saturday. Enjoy sample of six beers and a pint of another for £7.

Laurences Church Tower is visible at the top of the town. Churches are always worth a visit as they have so much social history to tell you. It is open from 10 a.m. daily and closes its doors at 5pm.

Mortimer Forest on the outskirts of Ludlow has signed walks from the car parks at High Vinnalls or Black Pool(out at Richards Castle). There is an Easy Access walk for pushchair and wheel chairs. Great place for picnics, playing and exploring.

Whitcliffe Common is a small remnant of a much larger Common. It is opposite the Castle. There are superb views of Ludlow and plenty more walking and exploring to be done.

There are lots of walking opportunities in Ludlow. Go to Castle Street car park and look over Ludlow Town Walls, there is a viewing platform, with a Toposcope telling all the hills you are looking at.

The Broad Gate, Broad Street, Ludlow

The Broad Gate in Ludlow

Walk down Broad Street and go through the gate a little way then turn back and look at the Gatehouse.

Walk round Ludlow Castle past Dinham House down the Hill to Dinham Bridge and the Millennium Green.

Dinham House is the home of Clearview Stoves but is well worth visiting to look inside the house. There is also some display panels telling you a bit about the house as well.

Explore all those back alleys and streets to get different perspectives of the town and find bits of old wall and views into courtyards and gardens.

Ludlow has lots of fabulous Markets throughout the year. There are the usual fruit and veg ones, Farmers Markets, craft markets, antique and flea and book markets.

Ludlow has lots of lovely shopping opportunities as well. The charity shops are always worth a visit. There are specialist food shops, there are still independent gift, artisan, and clothing shops.

There are lots of old pubs and cafes and restaurants to satisfy your thirst or hunger.

Enjoy exploring and finding Things to Do in Ludlow.

The image of Ludlow the top of this blog post which shows Ludlow Castle and St Laurence church is from Wikipedia and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

The photograph of The Broad Gate taken by Pauline Eccles is from Wikipedia and is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.


Things to Do

I am putting together a series of blogs of Things to Do…, while staying here at Folly View Let in South Shropshire.

I am starting by doing the local towns and I will be including things you have to pay to do and things that are free.

There will not be lots of information about them, just snippets. Some of these, Things to Do, I have already done longer, more detailed blogs about and I may do the same in the future for some of the other Things to Do mentioned.

So look out for your favourite place to visit and I hope you find something interesting to do.

Here are the posts so far:

These lists are not comprehensive. I am sure you will find other Things to Do I haven’t mentioned.