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Autumn is Arriving 2021

Autumn is Arriving in Shropshire. We have had a mild Autumn so we are only just seeing the leaves changing colour. The witch hazels and field maples are a vibrant yellow. The Japanese Maples are not at their best yet. Leaves

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I have mentioned the Toposcopes on the top of hills and hillforts and as I will talk about these places again I thought a brief description would be interesting. A Toposcope is a monument indicating direction and distance of notable land

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Hill Bagging

I knew about Munro bagging but had not realised there was other classifications for hills and mountains. A Munro is a mountain over 3,000 feet. If haven’t you heard of Munro bagging, it is where some people who like climbing,  climb

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Brown Clee Hill and Titterstone Clee Hill

Titterstone Clee Hill and Brown Clee Hill are in the south of Shropshire. They are both within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are linked together by a ridge between them and are both interesting in their own right. Brown Clee

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