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We’re Good To Go

Here at Folly View “We’re Good To Go” and able to use the We’re Good To Go symbol. The AA have arranged the We’re Good To Go initiative following The Covid 19 pandemic. The We’re Good To Go symbols on our

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Cleaning and Changes at Folly View

I have already spoken about cleaning at Folly View and there will be some changes to this until such time as Covid 19 is no longer  a worry. We are trying to think of everything to reassure our guests to Folly

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Cleaning at Folly View

I thought it might be a good time to tell you about cleaning at Folly View. This is not going to be the most exciting blog but with Covid-19 being such a concern I wanted to reassure our customers. The first

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Updates at Folly View 2020

I briefly let you know about our updates at Folly View each year. The main thing we have had to do this year is get new bed frames. They came from a company called Get Laid Beds. I refused to look

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What’s New in Folly View in 2019

There are a few updates and new things in Folly View for 2019. A few of the things mentioned below were done during the latter half of last year. We have had Folly View redecorated and I hope you will love

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