Things to Do in Craven Arms

I am sure there are people who think there is nothing to do in Craven Arms but there are probably more Things to Do in Craven Arms than you would think.

Stokesay Castle Gatehouse

Stokesay Castle Gatehouse

Stokesay Castle is open daily until the end of September at a cost of £8.30 per adult. It is a fortified hall that is well worth a visit. There are new tearooms and you can also walk round Stokesay Church and Churchyard and see Old Bill the First World War Memorial.

Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre has a tearoom with artworks hanging on the walls, an exhibition which tells you about the Mammoth found near Shrewsbury and about Iron Age Hill forts. The exhibition has a £5 entrance fee but you can access the rest of the Centre without paying. It is open from 10am until 5pm everyday.

The Onny Meadows at the back of the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is free to explore at any time. There is lots of play equipment for children to be adventurous on. The ponds and river Onny are great for pond dipping. There is a small butterfly garden by the picnic benches, see what you can spot. Or simply have a relaxing walk via the benches.

The Land of Lost Content is a museum of Popular British Culture has tons to see. There are exhibits about the Wars, Sweets, The Postal Service and lots, lots more. It is well worth the £7.50 entrance fee per adult.

For those who like to walk there is lots to aim for. There is an Iron Age Hill Fort to the south east called Norton Camp. To the north east is Flounders Folly, you can drive most of the way if you don’t want a long muddy walk. There are lots of other walks, some along the River Onny or Shropshire Way or those you could explore for your self.

Craven Arms is not a Shopping Centre but Tuffins Supermarket is well worth a visit. You are bound to find something interesting to eat, drink or use.

Well I think there is much more here to do than you thought. So with all these Things to Do in Craven Arms, Craven Arms here you come.

The Land of Lost Content Museum

The Land of Lost Content

Land of Lost Content Web Site

Our friends at the Land of Lost Content museum have a new Web site which showcases this must-see attraction in Craven Arms.

The Land of Lost Content is an independent museum containing:

LOLC Pop Culture Ephemera

The museum – the result of a lifetime’s work by Stella Mitchell – has been running since 1991 and is now in it’s third home.

The museum features “everyone’s yesterdays” organised into 33 categorised displays across three floors – including:

  • Confectionary
  • Schooldays
  • Cleaning
  • Pop Music
  • Photography
  • Cosmetics & Hairdressing
  • Christmas
  • Victorians and Edwardians
  • Royalty & Regalia
  • Radio

and many more – along with a new category for 2017 – Carnival.

Land of Lost Content - Radio

Land of Lost Content – Radio

Image ©Land of Lost Content – used by kind permission of Stella Mitchell.

The Land Of Lost Content

The Land of Lost Content Museum

The Land of Lost Content

Did you know we have a museum in Craven Arms?

The Land of Lost Content is a museum of British Popular Culture in the 20th Century. There are displays on the Post Office, the Second World War, Sweets and many, many more.

There is so much to see that you will need to go again as you see something different every time you visit.

Stella Mitchell who runs the museum has designed a new display for the coming season about Boys and Girls Brigade. There will be other changes to discover as well, displays added to, can you spot them?

The Land of Lost Content will be open again from the 1st February until November 30th 2017. The museum is closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

There is a self-service cafe for refreshments.