Ludlow Races Autumn 2018

A historic poster of Racing at Ludlow from 1962.

Ludlow has a National Hunt Race Course just to the north on the A49. There are beautiful views of Titterstone Clee and up to Wenlock Edge.

I have listed the dates here you may be lucky and find a date the coincides with your stay at Folly View.

Ludlow Races New Autumn Season 2018

Date.                                                              Time of first race

Wednesday 10th October 2018 .               2.10pm

Thursday 25th October 2018.                    2.10pm

Thursday 15th November 2018.                1.05pm

Monday 26th November 2018.                  1.10pm

Wednesday 5th November 2018.              12.30pm

Wednesday 19th November 2019.            12.40pm

The gates open two hours before the first race. There are six or seven races at each event.

Prices range from £22 to £10 and accompanied children under 18 years can attend free of charge.

Ludlow Race Course has other events throughout the year such as Model Railway days and Auctions.

Ludlow Race Course can be contacted on 01584 856221 or look what is happening and further details at

Hill Bagging

Long Mynd

Long Mynd

I knew about Munro bagging but had not realised there was other classifications for hills and mountains.

A Munro is a mountain over 3,000 feet. If haven’t you heard of Munro bagging, it is where some people who like climbing,  climb all the mountains in Scotland over 3,000 feet? Their aim being to climb all the Munros.

I was looking up some information on Titterstone Clee and Brown Clee and kept wondering what the little bit saying Marilyn meant. When I looked it up I found this whole world of other classification for hills and mountains.

I am not going to explain them all here but there are names like Wainwrights, Donalds and Tumps. Tumps in Shropshire are burial mounds, and probably in other parts of the country as well.

These classifications are said to give climbers something to aim for, others say it devalues climbing.

However you feel towards these classifications it is still interesting subject.

In future look for the hill classifications in blogs about Shropshire Hills.

The image above is a view of Church Stretton and Long Mynd taken near the summit of Caer Caradoc, Shropshire by Copsewood from Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Brown Clee Hill and Titterstone Clee Hill

Panorama from Brown Clee Hill

Panorama from Brown Clee Hill

Titterstone Clee Hill and Brown Clee Hill are in the south of Shropshire. They are both within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They are linked together by a ridge between them and are both interesting in their own right.

Brown Clee is the highest hill in Shropshire at 540 metres (1,770 feet) above sea level. Titterstone Clee Hill is the third highest hill in Shropshire. It rises to 533 metres(1,749 feet) above sea level. Both are classifyed as Marilyns (see blog on hillbagging).

Popular with walkers, and on clear days there are extensive, beautiful views over many other counties and from Titterstone Clee these extend into Wales.

Quarrying has had a huge effect on both hills and there is still an open quarry on Titterstone Clee.

Nordy Bank Hill Fort is the only intact hill fort on Brown Clee. Abdon Burf And Clee Burf and the Hill Fort on Titterstone Clee Hill have been largely damaged due to the quarrying activities.

Both hills now have radar arrays on their summits. Titterstone Clee Hills is refered to as the Golf Ball, (see below photograph) as that is what it looks like. There is also Met Office sensors as well.

There is lots to see  which gives a link to how humans have had their effect on Brown Clee and Titterstone Clee Hill.

Titterstone Clee Hill

Titterstone Clee Hill

The photograph Panorama from Brown Clee Hill above is taken from Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The photograph Titterstone Clee Hill above is taken from Pixabay.

Shropshire Hills – Shropshire’s Beauty

Back in September here at Folly View Let we blogged about Sheer Folly from Wood’s Brewery that we have included in our Welcome Pack for guests.

Now that Sheer Folly is no longer available we are including another beer from our closest local brewery, Wood’s Brewery at Wistanstow, a beer called Shropshire Hills Beauty.

Wood's Brewery Shropshire Hills Beauty

Wood’s Brewery Shropshire Hills Beauty

On the back label Wood’s provide some useful tasting notes for this 4.2% abv beer:

Shropshire Hills Beauty pours with a pleasing, mild amber colour and a well-rounded, malty flavour. This wonderful mouthful is backed by a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, achieved through a fusion of fruity hops.

There is also some helpful information explaining the rationale behind the beer:

The Wood Brewery sits on the edge of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and we first brewed Beauty in 2012 to mark 30 years of the AONB.

We’re really lucky to live and work in this part of Britain with Folly View Let situated just a few miles from the southern edge of the special place that is the  Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

You can use Folly View Let as a base to explore the region and the wealth of natural attractions that it offers including:

The Long Mynd

The Stiperstones

Titterstone Clee Hill

all of which lie within the Shropshire Hills AONB.