Wall’s Butchers


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Wall’s Butchers

Walls butchers have been trading in Craven Arms for fifty years.

They specialise in traditional breeds and pride themselves on the traceability of their meats. Their belief is that rare breeds meat gives the customer a truer  flavour and texture.

There is a wide range of rare breeds available of pork, beef and lamb. The board at the back displays what is for sale and the farmers who have produced the animals.

Game meat is available at the relevant times of year, these include venison, rabbit (no shortage around here), pheasant, partridge etc.

There is a good display of cooked products, hams, pork pies meat pies, if you turn up early you may buy a freshly cooked faggot. There is also fidget pies on display, this is a local dish so have a try.

Hopefully you will come away from Walls with a good quality product and ideas of how to cook the meat you have purchased.

They pride themselves on their quality of service and are always helpful.

Check their Web site for contact details and opening times.

D W Wall & Son Butchers

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