The Dog Hangs Well


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The Dog Hangs Well

The Dog Hangs Well is a Parlour Pub in Corve Street Ludlow. It is open three nights a week, check the light outside, if it is on it will be open.

In the good tradition of a Parlour Pub The Dog Hangs Well is a home first and foremost. It is also a publishing house for the Ludlow Ledger and Doghouse – the British pub magazine.

The Dog Hangs Well


As with Parlour Pubs of the 19th Century there is a limited selection of drinks available. There is one barrel of beer offered at a time, with up to six different beers being available during a week. A still cider and a white wine are your other beverage choices.

Beers are sourced from all over the country. In the last twelve months they have served two hundred different beers from a hundred breweries.

Their beer is served from a back room which was originally the kitchen, via a hand pump called a Victorian Beer Engine. You may then retire to the front Parlour to relax and enjoy your drink.

The Dog Hangs Well is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm until the light is out, at 9pm.

The Kitchen of the Dog Hangs Well

The photographs used in this blog post are by kind permission of Jon Saxon, Doghouse Magazine.

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