Snowdrops at Stanton Lacy


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Snowdrops at Stanton Lacy

Back in February I wrote about Snowdrops and listed three locations in Shropshire where you could see some spectacular displays of Snowdrops.

The churchyard of St Peter’s church in Stanton Lacy features a carpet of Snowdrops that is well worth a visit.

Snowdrops at Stanton Lacy

Much of the vegetation in the churchyard is cut only twice a year in order to protect wildlife and plant species. This has allowed the spread of the snowdrops to become the carpet that now covers the churchyard. Later in the year the nettles that grow unchecked are important to caterpillars and therefore butterflies. The rough undergrowth also provides habitat and safe cover for hedgehogs.

Stanton Lacy is a small and pretty village located just 8 miles from Folly View let. The village has early Anglo-Saxon origins which can be traced back to before the Norman Conquest of 1066 and the subsequent granting of the manor to Roger de Lacy. The manor features in the Domesday Book of 1086.

The Church of St Peter Stanton Lacy is Saxon and dates to about 1050 although it is believed that there was probably a church in this site for 300 years before the 11th century.

The Spring sunlight offers the opportunity to capture some lovely light and shade on the Snowdrops.

Snowdrop Carpet at Stanton Lacy Churchyard

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