Ludlow Tweed Ride


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Ludlow Tweed Ride

The Tweed Cycling Club was set up by Jack Thurston and in the 1990s in the North Of England several vintage attired clubs emerged and held rides.

From these, Tweed Runs/Rides evolved and the first Tweed Run was held in 2009 in London. These are held annually now.

Tweed Runs appear to be annual bike rides while Tweed Rides are usually monthly.

The Idea is that you wear vintage clothing, ideally tweeds that would have been part of the vintage cyclists attire, and a vintage bike. Then you go on a bike ride.

I presume there are no bike computers, no steamy whatever they are gears and definitely no lycra. Well not on view!

“Tweed Rides are minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance…..”

I found this quote on and thought it summed it all up. (That site seems not to exist any longer.)

You don’t need to have a vintage bike or a wardrobe full of vintage clothes or tweeds.

It is appreciated if you make an effort and wear old cycling type clothing and vintage bikes are encouraged but attitude, a nod to vintage clothing and a willingness to have fun are what it is about.

Tweed Run

Ludlow Tweed Ride happens once a month. They meet in the Castle Square at 2pm and then go for a bike ride of about 8miles. I am sure tea and cake are involved somewhere.

Next ride:-

August 5th 2017

September 2nd 2017

October 7th 2017

No ride in November

December 25th starting at 10am, there will be mince pie when you finish.

For more information about the Ludlow Tweed Ride contact them on

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