Covid Times

We hope everyone of our customers are keeping well during Covid Times.

Here at Folly View we are both looking forward to having our Covid Vaccinations later this week.

It seems silly to get excited about going to have a vaccination but it is an opportunity to see other people and to go out. The drive down will be lovely, I may even see some lambs.

Lyndon is cycling down to Ludlow Race Course (this is where the vaccination centre is) to get his. He has heard that exercising when you have had the vaccination is good ( this is unsubstantiated).

I have been naughty and taking Dillie out for two walks a day, she drives me nuts if I don’t, much as I love her. Hettie comes on some walks but not all of them. It is great to be able to get out of the house every day, I do love walking and we have a lovely part of Shropshire to do it in. There are some very muddy walks round here but there are hints they are beginning to dry out now.

I talked to a friend last night who has been walking fifteen kilometres a day. I have some catching up to do.

I have been, not writing as many blogs as I should and I promise myself every year I will do better but winter is hard.

I have started getting jobs done in the garden but it is still very wet. The onions, garlic and broad beans I put in in the Autumn are ok. I usually have to replace some Broad Beans as the voles love them to. I have some potatoes chitting and I may get some more. I have also been crafting, my other love.

Lyndon is still working from home. He is still cycling at the weekends and cutting up wood that I produce out of the garden from coppicing the hazels.

We hope you are keeping occupied during Covid Times and keep safe.

Shropshire opening

I have ventured into Ludlow and Church Stretton to see what is happening and what is open.  I have not been out and about much so some of this is gathered from guest and friends. This is not comprehensive.

So here is an idea of some places I know are open in Shropshire.

Ludlow Market is open with a one way system. The Castle and it’s cafe are open again for business.

Most shops were open except a few charity shops and some businesses which have unfortunately been effected by  Covid 19 Lockdown and will not open again. I am very sorry to see some of my favourite shops and cafes closed.

The car parks are busy but not full.

In Church Stretton most places seemed to be open although you may notice some changes when you enter them.  There are one way systems hand sanitizer stations and some places have shut off parts that are tricky with social distancing.

Heather Brae to the north of Church Stretton is open for business.

In Craven Arms the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is open, the cafe has less tables and was running  a less diverse menu.

The Land of Lost Content is open with a booking system.

Stokesay Castle is open, I don’t think the cafe is.

Ludlow Food Centre is open, I hear they have a very good system in side. The Plant Centre is also open and the Cafe.

Blists Hill is open, our last guests spent all day there when they ventured there.

In Craven Arms only one of the pubs is open, The Stables, drink only.

The Stokesay Inn has been taken over by local folks but is not yet open.

The Kangaroo at Aston On Clun is open with a booking system.

We hope when your come to Folly View you will find plenty to do

The Apple Tree at Onibury is open as is the Station at Marshbrook.

The take always in Craven Arms are open for business.

Don’t forget Tuffins do a lovely range of ready meals called Cook if you are not inclined to eat out.


Folly View Open again

We have had our first guests and all went well.

They had a lovely time. They did lots of cycling and particularly liked the Long Mynd.

My change over went well except I was very hot and bothered.

I wished I could have joined our departing guests on their stop off at the Millennium Green in Ludlow for a paddle in the River Teme.

We changed over the fridge freezer which had expired and I had finished the last dining room chair which is now in Folly View.

New guests arrived safely.

All the ironing is done, Sunday morning was cool, perfect for ironing duties.

We look forward to seeing our guests over the next few months at Folly View.

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Local Cycling events 2019

Here are some local cycling events with a quick summary of each. You will need to research further for more details.

Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon Logo

Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon Saturday July 6th 2019. A fun inclusive event, dressing up is encouraged, as is partaking of local hoteliers.

Arts Alive Charity Cycle Challenge starts at Clun on the 7th July 2019. The Tour D’Arts Alive has a variety of routes and you receive an edible medal at the finish. Arts Alive organise lots of local events including supporting Flicks in the Sticks.

Ludlow Cycling Festival is on the 22nd September 2019. It includes the South Shropshire Tors 30/60/100. There is a Family Ride of 11km and an Intermediate Led Group Ride of 30km. Lots more going on at Ludlow  Rugby Club. This event raises money for Macmillam Cancer Support.

Some more fun events for all our cycling friends.

Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon 2019

The 32nd Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon is on Saturday 6th July 2019.

Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon Logo

The Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon route goes through some beautiful Shropshire countryside. One of the committee members came and took part, decided he loved it and now lives here.

Although it is advertised as  non competitive there is apparently fierce competition for top places in all categories. I wonder if they have a “Who Can Dawdle Slowest” category?

The Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon is an inclusive event with disabled participants actively encouraged. Fancy dress is optional but all adds to making this a fun event.

Prizes are available for best fancy dress, fastest local team, most visited pub fast, mixed, all female and male team and many more.

In the Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon there are two bike rides, a swim and a run. There is a 1km swim in leisure centre pool. A 30km Tandem bike ride. A 10km woodland run followed by a 5km Tandem Sprint to the finish.

This year the Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon does not have a junior race.

Bishops Castle Tandem Triathlon has a £60 entry fee per team. This event is entirely run by volunteers.

The logo at the top of this blog lost is copyright of the Bishop’s Castle Tandem Triathlon organisation and is used with their kind permission.

Bishop’s Castle Tandem Triathlon

Two men riding a tandem bicycle
On Saturday 30th June 2018 the Bishop’s Castle Tandem Triathlon will be taking place.

There is the usual swim, bike ride and run but there are two bike rides and you share the work with a team member.

This event is open to all abilities and those who are competitive and those who want a leisurely day out or a bit of fun. Teams can dress up in fancy dress and there are prizes for best fancy dress, most pubs visited (maybe my husband and his friends could enter?).

The Triathlon starts with one team member doing a 1km swim at Bishops Castle Leisure Centre pool, then both team members share a 30km bike ride. The second team member then has to complete a 10 km woodland run with both finishing the event on a 5 km Sprint, I assume for the nearest pub.

There is fierce competition for the top places but this event is about inclusivity and if you want to handle round the the pubs and cafes and take in South Shropshire beautiful countryside then you can.

There is an age restriction of over 16 years, and 18 years for the run.

Entrance fee of £60 or £30 each.

Contact details


or text or phone

07876570725 or 01588 680449

The image at the top of this blog post is a public domain image from the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Ludlow Cycling Festival

Ludlow Cycling Festival Logo

Ludlow Cycling Festival is on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the Ludlow Rugby Club.

They are raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

There are five bike rides for different abilities and styles starting at staggered times from the Rugby Club.

There will be activities at the Ludlow Rugby Club through out the day.
Isle Bikes will have demo bikes.

Pearce Bikes will be running a Turbo Trainer Challenge, are you up to it? There are prizes.

There will be all the things you expect at a Fun Day, Bouncy Castles, Climbing Walls etc.

There will be Children’s Bike Races.

And all things bike.

Ludlow Tweed Ride

Tweed Run Woman

The Tweed Cycling Club was set up by Jack Thurston and in the 1990s in the North Of England several vintage attired clubs emerged and held rides.

From these, Tweed Runs/Rides evolved and the first Tweed Run was held in 2009 in London. These are held annually now.

Tweed Runs appear to be annual bike rides while Tweed Rides are usually monthly.

The Idea is that you wear vintage clothing, ideally tweeds that would have been part of the vintage cyclists attire, and a vintage bike. Then you go on a bike ride.

I presume there are no bike computers, no steamy whatever they are gears and definitely no lycra. Well not on view!

“Tweed Rides are minimum-exertion, maximum-elegance…..” I found this quote on and thought it summed it all up.

You don’t need to have a vintage bike or a wardrobe full of vintage clothes or tweeds.

It is appreciated if you make an effort and wear old cycling type clothing and vintage bikes are encouraged but attitude, a nod to vintage clothing and a willingness to have fun are what it is about.

Ludlow Tweed Ride happens once a month. They meet in the Castle Square at 2pm and then go for a bike ride of about 8miles. I am sure tea and cake are involved somewhere.

Next ride:-
August 5th 2017
September 2nd 2017
October 7th 2017
No ride in November
December 25th starting at 10am, there will be mince pie when you finish.

For more information about the Ludlow Tweed Ride contact them on

The image used in this blog post is from Wikimedia Commons and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

The Ludlow Brewing Company Sportive

The Ludlow Brewing Company Sportive is on the 4th June starting and finishing at Ludlow Brewing Company.

There is a Fun Ride which is 25 miles and a Challenge Ride with a distance of 70 miles.

The entrance fees are £20 for the Fun Ride and £35 for the Challenge Ride.

Registration is from 9.30 am with the rides starting at 10 am.

This event is in aid of Parkinson’s UK and funds raised will go towards this great cause.

Food and refreshments are available to buy at Event HQ, Ludlow Brewing Company, The Railway Shed.


Do you know what a Sportive is?

A Sportive is a long or short distance, mass participation cycle ride, often organised to raise money for a good cause and held annually.

It is meant to be non competitive but many cyclists will challenge themselves against the clock.

Sportive is shortened from Cyclosportive.

There are several events in Shropshire but the ones below are the nearest. There is also a couple in North Herefordshire, one at Leominster and one at Lucton.

Ride the Shropshire Marches 21st May

The Ludlow Brewing Company Sportive 4th June

Georgia Williams Cycle Ride 10th June

Tour d’Arts Alive 25th June

South Shropshire Tors 17th September

We are able to provide lockable storage for bikes and I am sure my husband will let you use his work stand if you decide to stay at Folly View to attend one of these events.