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I enjoy writing blogs for Folly View and I enjoy reading other people’s blogs.

I follow several blogs and these bloggers, mostly, post regularly.

I have been going through the back catalogues of my favourite bloggers.

A lot of these bloggers write long blogs, which are great and make you think and also make me research the subject they are blogging about.

I also follow some bloggers who write short blogs about daily activities, which are more personal and intimate.

You have to have a lot of time available, to research, write and read blogs. And you need to enjoy doing all of these activities.

I try to keep my blogs interesting and informative and often get lost down the ‘rabbit hole’ of researching them on line.

I think as a blog reader it is good to know when the blogger is going to post. I follow bloggers who post every day, once a month, or several times a month. The reader can then stay engaged, has something to look forward to and will forgive the gaps.

Many of us have limited time and have to find or make the time, or be ill. I will try to keep blogs to a length which fits comfortably into your day and sometimes, like today you will get a longer one.

I am going to try and post a blog every Monday. There will be extra blogs from time to time.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them.


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