What’s New in Folly View in 2019

There are a few updates and new things in Folly View for 2019.

A few of the things mentioned below were done during the latter half of last year.

We have had Folly View redecorated and I hope you will love as much as we do and therefore look after it. I had to have some of it redone because of guests not respecting the work involved. This upset me and our decorator.

I have bought a new set of bed linen for the twin beds as one set was showing a lot of wear..

Folly View New Bed Linen

Folly View New Bed Linen

There is a new wool duvet on the double bed and there are four new memory foam pillows in Folly View.

We now have a Smart television for Folly View, in that it connects to the internet. It is also bigger.

There are now more cushions and there is a free standing towel rail in each bedroom.

There are sausage draft excludes in the cupboards for customers use over the winter months.

I have recently stripped down the patio doors back to the wood. There is still hints of the old paint jobs but it looks so much better. We hope you like it too. I now have window frames and the front door to do.

I have also carried on buying interesting books on the area for you to browse during your stay.

A New Boiler

A New Boiler at Folly View Let

Two images - boiler and radiator

A new Worcester Boiler has been installed in Folly View Let.

The old boiler was nursed by Jon through a few teething problems but eventually settled to working well. If it hadn’t been for Jon I think it would have been replaced a lot sooner, within the first couple of years after installing.

So to the customers who this Summer also took on nursing duties, due to leaky radiators, you won’t have to in future.

We have a shiny efficient boiler with constant hot water and a thermostat which is super controllable.

Thanks to all those people who have been patient while we sorted out the old boiler and more recently while we worked out the thermostat control on the new boiler.

Cornish Boilers

Cornish Boilers

The image at the top of this blog post is taken from a book called “American homes and gardens published” in 1905 via flickr and there are no known copyright restrictions.

The image directly above of the Cornish Boilers is from the Powerhouse Museum Collection via flickr and there are no known copyright restrictions.