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New Taps

We have new taps in Folly View’s bathroom. I was planning to change them to lever controlled taps. But we had a little problem and the shower control decided to stop working. So we decided to change both the bath taps and

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National Trust Properties to Visit From Folly View

There are several National Trust Properties within easy driving distance of Folly View. Some of these National Trust properties are reached by drives through the beautiful South Shropshire countryside. To the south, in Herefordshire is Berrington Hall with a lovely walled garden,

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Very Early Signs of Spring

There are very early signs that we are slowly approaching Spring. In the garden the Witch Hazels are flowering, the one in Folly View’s garden is called Diane and has deep orange flowers. The catkins or lambs tails are appearing on the

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Christmas and New Year Wishes 2021

Christmas and New Year 2021 season is a few days off. We started 2021 in Lockdown and it is looking as though we will be starting 2022 in Lockdown. Let’s hope it does not come to that. At Folly View we had

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We’re Good To Go

We’re Good To Go is going to continue until the end of March 2022. In Covid Times it has been good to feel we are supported with this assurance for you, our customer. We always have prided ourselves on our cleanliness. Door

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2022 Calendar

The 2022 Calendar for Folly View has been released. There are some small changes. The first is this calendar is from Saturday to Saturday. If you would like to start your holiday from a Wednesday, or any other day of the week,

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I enjoy writing blogs for Folly View and I enjoy reading other people’s blogs. I follow several blogs and these bloggers, mostly, post regularly. I have been going through the back catalogues of my favourite bloggers. A lot of these bloggers write

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Covid Time Knitting

Covid Time has given me the opportunity to explore and experiments with my knitting. I love knitting and find it relaxing and challenging. There is always something new to learn. My Covid Time Knitting has resulted in two cardigans, a short sleeved

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Fox Sighting at Folly View

Lyndon was up in the night and looked out of the bedroom window. He thought he could see a cat below the greengage tree but he realised it was too big and had a big bushy tail with a white tip. A

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