Very Early Signs of Spring


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Very Early Signs of Spring

There are very early signs that we are slowly approaching Spring.

In the garden the Witch Hazels are flowering, the one in Folly View’s garden is called Diane and has deep orange flowers.

The catkins or lambs tails are appearing on the hazels. You can even see where the flowers will appear later on.

I have seen young nettle leaves hiding under leaf litter and my least favourite ground elder. The lungwort flowers, of mauve and pink, are just waiting to burst into flower.

We have a couple of snowdrops just about to flower and many more pushing up through the ground. The daffodils are visible above ground now.

The catkins on the Alders are beginning to turn purple on Onny Meadows. I also found a whorl of cowslip leaves and some young sorrel leaves. The first celandine flower has been spotted to.

We have already had some primroses flowering in the garden which is earlier that normal. The ones further up the garden are just beginning to put on leaf growth ready flowering at the proper time.


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