Nuthatchs are a distinctive bird which we often see at Folly View,  particularly over the winter months. They are recognised by their blue-grey back and wings, Amber under parts with a striking black eye strip and bill. Nuthatch rarely travel far from where they hatched. They nest in tree cavities and prefer areas with mature […]

Fox Sighting at Folly View

Lyndon was up in the night and looked out of the bedroom window. He thought he could see a cat below the greengage tree but he realised it was too big and had a big bushy tail with a white tip. A Fox , he surmised, was sniffing around under the greengage tree and was […]

Long Tailed Tits

Long Tailed Tits are one of my favourite birds. They are gregarious, noisy and so interesting to watch in the garden. We have lots of Long Tailed Tits around Folly View. We see them most days over the Winter time flitting from tree to tree with their hangers on, the blue Tits, Great Tits and […]


I can remember rarely seeing Sparrowhawks when I was growing up. One place we did occasionally see them was along motorway embankments. Sparrowhawks are now found through out the United Kingdom, even up in Shetland. We see them regularly around Folly View and down on Onny Meadows. Many years ago one hit a window at […]


Autumn has arrived in Shropshire. The trees are changing colour with hues of red, yellow and brown appearing in the green woodlands on the hill sides. On dry days piles of leaves are gathering in corners ready to be collected in wheel barrows and allowed to break down in compost bins. Or you can run […]

Kingfishers on the Onny

I walk every day with the dogs along the Onny River. I have over the years regularly seen Kingfishers when we have been out walking. This year I have not seen them until this recently(first week of September). I had stopped on the bridge over the River Onny down Corvedale Road and saw a flash […]

Peregrine Falcon in Craven Arms

I had an email from a friend in Craven Arms in which he told me of his encounter with a Peregrine Falcon. He had been watching the birds in his garden when they all disappeared, something flashed past him and he was aware it was grey. A couple of days later he spotted a bird […]

Little Egret

There has been one Little Egret around for three or four years. While walking the dogs on Halford Meadow along the river bank we disturbed three Little Egrets. I thought I had seen two earlier in the year but wasn’t sure as I didn’t get a clear view. Two of them flew off together while […]

Bird Life From Folly View

I thought you might like to know how the local bird life is getting on in Craven Arms. We have lots of busy sparrows. The sparrows who reside in the swift box are still there and are presently feeding youngsters. The swift box has become two story as there is a nest top of it […]


One of the benefits of staying at Folly View Let is the proximity to wildlife. I have told you about the birds we see in the garden and we will soon be putting out bird food on a regular basis. However, we thought you would like to hear about our guest who had a surprise […]