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The Swifts have Gone.

The Swifts go have gone home to South Africa, although would you call the place they bring up their young home or the place they spend most of the year. They are only here for three short months each year, some

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On Sunday morning Lyndon opened the bedroom curtains to see a family of Bullfinchs feeding on the greengages Mum and Dad and four fledgling. This is Mr and Mrs Bullfinch’s second brood. The swifts have gone for the Summer. I saw

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Bird Life From Folly View

I thought you might like to know how the local bird life is getting on in Craven Arms. We have lots of busy sparrows. The sparrows who reside in the swift box are still there and are presently feeding youngsters. The

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More Bird Watching

The Fieldfares are still visiting our garden here at Folly View Let to feed on the windfall apples. I have counted up to eleven of them there at one time, along with their pals the blackbirds – and as you can

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