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On Sunday morning Lyndon opened the bedroom curtains to see a family of Bullfinchs feeding on the greengages Mum and Dad and four fledgling.

This is Mr and Mrs Bullfinch’s second brood.

The swifts have gone for the Summer. I saw one solitary swift last Friday night, it is very unusual to see just one.

Our belligerent Sparrows have finally quietened down, I lost track of how many broods they had.

Yesterday I was looking out the window into the green gage tree a family of Blue Tits were feeding on the fruit. We are happy to share.

Last night we had our Bubble friend over for tea, it was her birthday, a baby when flew in, then flew upstairs. We searched upstairs but couldn’t find it, the Windows were open wide so assume it flew out.

August is quiet for birds they go through their moult but I thought you would like to hear about our recent encounters with the local birdlife at Folly View.




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