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Walking Dillie on Onny Meadows I spotted two white bird bums flying away from me. I knew them to be Bullfinch rear ends, as they are a brilliant white. I watched until they settled on the ground to confirm a male and

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Beguildy Heights

We drove up to the heights above Beguildy. Beguildy is on the border of England and Wales. It was a lovely drive through the Shropshire Hills along quiet country lanes. We saw a Red Kite feeding on a dead rabbit in the

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Welcoming Spring

Spring has been creeping up upon us for a few weeks now. First the snowdrops put up green shoots and then their snow white flowers bowed their heads to us. The catkins of the hazels waggled and their tiny red flowers emerged.

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Dragonfly Hotspot

The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre and Onny Meadows was the first designated Dragonfly Hotspot in England. It is an initiative first set up by The British Dragonfly Society in 2014 with places in Scotland first being awarded this designation, Dragonfly Hotspot. Dragonfly

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The Heron

The Heron has become very familiar over the last few weeks. Whenever I am walking Dillie on Onny Meadows The Heron is there, stock still, peering at the ground. As the Winter has gone on he lets the walker get closer before

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Jays are a members of the corvid family but unlike most other birds in this group they are brightly coloured. They are a salmon pink colour with black and white wings with a bright blue panel, a white head. The reason I

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Spring 2021 Has Sprung

Spring 2021 Has sprung here in Shropshire. We had a wonderful displays of snowdrops in February, a Spring precursor. We now have beautiful daffodils blooming everywhere. The banks at the road sides have clumps of pale yellow primroses. Hazel trees are beginning

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Long Tailed Tits

Long Tailed Tits are one of my favourite birds. They are gregarious, noisy and so interesting to watch in the garden. We have lots of Long Tailed Tits around Folly View. We see them most days over the Winter time flitting from

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I can remember rarely seeing Sparrowhawks when I was growing up. One place we did occasionally see them was along motorway embankments. Sparrowhawks are now found through out the United Kingdom, even up in Shetland. We see them regularly around Folly View

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Autumn has arrived in Shropshire. The trees are changing colour with hues of red, yellow and brown appearing in the green woodlands on the hill sides. On dry days piles of leaves are gathering in corners ready to be collected in wheel

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