Hill Forts near Craven Arms


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Hill Forts near Craven Arms

There are over fifty hill forts in Shropshire and there is access to a lot of them.

From our door there is Norton Camp. It can’t be seen from our house but is well worth the walk up through Whettleton.

Although covered in trees and shrubs, the ramparts are impressive. The interior is a field but you can walk round it.

Bury Ditches a few miles to the west is on Forestry Commission land. There is a walk up from the car park and at the top outstanding views of the surrounding hills.

The photograph in the header of this blog post is a terrain model of Bury Ditches generated from Environmental Agency data and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

There is a toposcope at the top which tells you what the names of the hills are.

Nearer to home at Hopesay is the Burrow. There is parking on the road through Hopesay. The Burrow is on Forestry Commission Land as well.

I can show you where they are on the maps.

Hopesay Village and The Burrow

There are many theories about hill forts and they are probably used for different things at different times. Some would have been defensive, some would have been homesteads, and some used for holding animals.

At Round Oak is Wart Hill a small hill fort easily accessible from the road, this one is thought to have been an over night holding for sheep.

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