The Dog Hangs Well Beer Engine


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The Dog Hangs Well Beer Engine

The Dog Hangs Well has a Victorian Beer Engine as mentioned in an earlier blog.

Some of you may know what it is but for those who don’t here goes.

A Beer Engine is what we now refer to as a Hand Pull. The Beer Engine is the cylinder that draws the beer from the cellar.

Victorian Beer Engine

A Beer Engine is now built into or clamped to the bar.

In The Dog Hangs Well you will see a four bank beer engine cabinet. There are four hand pulls and cylinders within a wooden cabinet with a solid wooden plinth.

Beer engines of this era would have had brass cylinders along with leather washers and lead pipes.

Be assured it has been upgraded to a modern standard.

Information courtesy of Jon Saxon The Dog Hangs Well.

The contemporary illustration above of a Victorian Beer Engine is used with kind permission of Erik Lars Myers and was featured in his blog post about Beer Engines.

The photograph below is a good example of a refurbished Victorian Beer Engine Cabinet courtesy of Paul Skelton and Ian Goodban as featured in this source.

Victorian Beer Engine

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