Fox Sighting at Folly View

Lyndon was up in the night and looked out of the bedroom window.

He thought he could see a cat below the greengage tree but he realised it was too big and had a big bushy tail with a white tip.

A Fox , he surmised, was sniffing around under the greengage tree and was probably having a little snack of fallen greengages.

When I went out this morning some of the fallen greenhouses I leave for birds had disappeared.

We have heard them distantly.

I have smelt foxes very occasionally in the drive. They leave very distinctive smell.

Sometimes Dillie (our border terrier) starts barking for no reason in the night.

We have had guests in the past who have seen badgers in this part of the garden.

If you are looking out of the bedroom Windows of Folly View you may see a Fox or a badger scavenging for food.