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Jays are a members of the corvid family but unlike most other birds in this group they are brightly coloured. They are a salmon pink colour with black and white wings with a bright blue panel, a white head.

The reason I am talking about them, while cleaning Folly View I saw a Jay hopping around one of the lime trees.

On mentioning it to the other half he said he regularly saw them flying across the field( he has been working from home).

I recently saw one on Onny Meadows and a friend who lives near Watling Street has seen one on his estate.

Jays are famous for eating acorns and are thought to be responsible for the rapid spread of oaks after the last ice age, as they never recover all the acorns they have cached for leaner times. They also eat invertebrates and other fruits and nuts.

They are highly intelligent birds but surprisingly shy. The are most noticeable during Autumn.

The photograph of the Jay in the header of this blog post is by Steffi Wacker from Pexels.

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