Autumn has arrived in Shropshire.

The trees are changing colour with hues of red, yellow and brown appearing in the green woodlands on the hill sides.

On dry days piles of leaves are gathering in corners ready to be collected in wheel barrows and allowed to break down in compost bins. Or you can run through them, kicking them in the air.

When I walk Hettie and Dillie in the mornings the tops of the hills are shrouded in  Autumn mists and the grass in the Meadows is heavy with dew.

The Long Tailed Tits and Their Hangers On flit from one tree to another tweeting their high pitched call as they go.

The apples are ripening, the cookers making apple crumbles to have with custard on cold Autumn evenings.

Autumn walks, on sunny days are the best, damp, still, grey days are not so good. These are Days for jobs in side.

So here I am doing a blog on Autumn, with a heavy drizzle outside, Hettie and Dillie curled up on the sofa after a quick walk before the rain arrived, looking forward to the next sunny Autumn day.

Mortimer Forest Autumn Foraging Course

Jews Ear Fungi

Want to learn more about which Mushrooms and Fungi are edible?

Wild Food UK are organising identification days in Mortimer Forest:

  • 16th September 2017
  • 13th October 2017
  • 21st October 2017

Mortimer Forest is a mixed woodland and this lends itself to being able find a wide variety of fungi for identification.

The walk will be about 2.5 hours long with with a chance to taste what is found at the end.

Only enough fungi will be picked for tasting at the end.

Advance booking only from Wild Food UK on 01584 711646, tickets are £47.50.