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Onny Meadows Ponds

The Onny Meadows has two ponds that are surrounded by trees such as Alder, hazel and willow. One pond has a dipping platform over the water. The coots, moorhens and reed warblers love them. Recently water rails have been seen and there

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Linley Beechs

Linley Beechs are an avenue of beech trees on Linley Hill, north of Bishops Castle. The Linley Beechs avenue is about a mile long and forms part of the Shropshire Way. At nearly three hundred years old these beech trees are coming

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Jays are a members of the corvid family but unlike most other birds in this group they are brightly coloured. They are a salmon pink colour with black and white wings with a bright blue panel, a white head. The reason I

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Nuthatchs are a distinctive bird which we often see at Folly View,  particularly over the winter months. They are recognised by their blue-grey back and wings, Amber under parts with a striking black eye strip and bill. Nuthatch rarely travel far from

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Autumn is Arriving 2021

Autumn is Arriving in Shropshire. We have had a mild Autumn so we are only just seeing the leaves changing colour. The witch hazels and field maples are a vibrant yellow. The Japanese Maples are not at their best yet. Leaves are

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Shropshire Walks

There are beautiful walks in Shropshire. There are several long distance walks nearby. The Shropshire Way is within half a mile of Folly View. There are walks from the door of Folly View. There are walks you can drive out to. Or

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Sweet Chestnuts

While out walking this Autumn there have been some beautiful chestnuts, big, chunky ones worth picking found liberally scattered under sweet chestnut trees. There are a lot of sweet chestnuts trees to see while out walking in the woods around Craven Arms.

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Autumn has arrived in Shropshire. The trees are changing colour with hues of red, yellow and brown appearing in the green woodlands on the hill sides. On dry days piles of leaves are gathering in corners ready to be collected in wheel

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Mortimer Forest Autumn Foraging Course

Want to learn more about which Mushrooms and Fungi are edible? Then the Mortimer Forest Autumn Foraging Course is for you. Wild Food UK are organising identification days in Mortimer Forest: 16th September 2017 13th October 2017 21st October 2017   Mortimer

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