Onny Meadows Ponds


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Onny Meadows Ponds

The Onny Meadows has two ponds that are surrounded by trees such as Alder, hazel and willow. One pond has a dipping platform over the water.

The coots, moorhens and reed warblers love them. Recently water rails have been seen and there used to be little grebes, which were heard but rarely seen. In early Spring there is frogs spawn in these ponds and In the Summer dragonflies are a constant flying round.

A flash of bright blue, among the reeds will indicate the Kingfisher is fishing in the ponds.

For a couple of weeks each Autumn a pair of swans visit.

One winter the reeds were a favourite roosting place for the starlings.

However, the reeds have encroaching and the area of water has become less each year. A grant was secured to clear some of the reeds, which has now been done. They haven’t all been cleared because of the reed warblers.

The ponds are a Dragonfly Hotspot and these works will help to encourage more dragonflies and damselflies.

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