Corvedale Drive


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Corvedale Drive

Driving down Corvedale today, at the end of July, the fields were golden with ripening crops which will soon be harvested, leaving the ground bare waiting to be ploughed.

The woodlands in contrast were dark and brooding, clothed in bottle green, almost black leavage.

If the sky had been azure blue, with wispy white clouds of ice crystals, it would have been a perfect Summer drive down Corvedale.

The hedgerows along Corvedale had every hue of green, from acid greens to bottle/black green of the woodlands. In places the green was speckled with the white trumpet flowers of bind weed.

Along Corvedale’s verges, wild flowers added colour. The bright pink of fireweed provides brilliant pops of colour, while mauve muted tones of creeping thistle contrasted with their white fluffy seed heads.

There were acid yellows of ragwort brightening the verge and frothy creamy white of meadowsweet.

I saw one or two poppies, the orangy red of post boxes, where the ground had been disturbed.

It was lovely to see the verges had not yet been cut back and that these plants/flowers were surviving, providing food and habitat for invertebrates and birds.

I thoroughly enjoy my quarterly drives down Corvedale, watching and observing the changing seasons.

The image used in the header of this blog post is from Pexels and is used under a Creative Commons CC0 licence.

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