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Welcoming Spring

Spring has been creeping up upon us for a few weeks now. First the snowdrops put up green shoots and then their snow white flowers bowed their heads to us. The catkins of the hazels waggled and their tiny red flowers emerged.

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Long Tailed Tits

Long Tailed Tits are one of my favourite birds. They are gregarious, noisy and so interesting to watch in the garden. We have lots of Long Tailed Tits around Folly View. We see them most days over the Winter time flitting from

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Winter Walk

It’s December 1st and for me we are now into Wintertime. Here it is a bright, sunny, frosty morning, the cheeks are glowing now I am back in the warmth of home. The colours glowed on Onny Meadows, I could find all

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Kingfishers on the Onny

I walk every day with the dogs along the Onny River. I have over the years regularly seen Kingfishers when we have been out walking. This year I have not seen them until this recently (first week of September). I had stopped

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