Welcoming Spring


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Welcoming Spring

Spring has been creeping up upon us for a few weeks now.

First the snowdrops put up green shoots and then their snow white flowers bowed their heads to us. The catkins of the hazels waggled and their tiny red flowers emerged.

Over the last two weeks I have seen the first butterflies and heard the first Chiff Chaff. I am hearing lots of them now, my dawn chorus rings with chiff chaffing.

The bold daffodils are now nodding their heads in the breeze, in all shades of yellow, some with orange trumpets. All around them green shoot emerge from the earth and we are seeing the first blossom, in showy pink, on fruit trees.

In a few weeks time everywhere will be a lush vibrant green. The hedgerows will have blocks of mayflowers and the apples, pears, greenhouse, plums and damson trees will be covered in blossom with promises of their fruit to come.

I am enjoying watching spring in it’s different stages walking by.

We gradually are saying goodbye to winter and welcoming spring.

The image used in the header of this blog post was taken on 25th March 2022 at Berrington Hall.

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